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How we met – by Christina: We met on a dating app called Tinder. It only picks up people around you within a 100 mile radius and when I was living in Hattiesburg I was too far from Bradley who lived in Gulf Shores for the app to locate him. When I moved to New Orleans, the situation was the same, but one day I decided to get on Tinder while at my parents in Biloxi. We both swiped right on each other, started chatting and had an instant draw to one another. After two nights in a row of 5 hour phone conversations, he made a surprise visit to see me on June 12 and we have been infatuated with one another since. Within a week we dropped the “L” bomb, and within a month we were talking about a potential lifetime commitment.

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how they asked – by Bradley: I came up with the idea to ask at a One Direction concert about a week before the concert. I didn’t have a twitter, but I knew that would be my best bet to get in touch with one of the guys. Luckily Christine didn’t have a twitter, but I knew I would have to make up a story. I told her I was trying to get backstage passes for my sister who is a huge 1D fan. I made a twitter and asked the band to help me propose. After a few failed attempts, I was told that Harry Styles’ mom had a twitter account and used it frequently. I messaged her on twitter and within 15 minutes had a message from Harry Styles saying “Lets make this happen partner”. Harry asked me for our seat numbers and I told him. We were literally in the nosebleeds about as far away from the stage as you could get. Harry messaged me back and said there were 3 tickets at will call for seats right beside the stage. We were walked to our seats by the security and we were literally right beside the stage only a few rows back. Harry then sent another message and said “wait for my que”. When he came out he saw where I was sitting and gave me a thumbs up. After the 5th song, he stopped the show and announced he had a “friend in the crowd called Bradley” From that point on, all I heard was the screaming of 72,000 tweens. He told me to come on stage, but I didn’t hear a word. I pulled Christine out into the aisle, and got down on one knee. She immediately said yes and jumped into my arms. Harry and the guys were so excited. After the show we took pictures with fans. We found that we lost our car keys and went to lost and found. We didn’t find the keys and were trying to figure out a way to get home. Harry spotted us at lost and found and invited us on the tour bus to charge our phones and hang out. We eventually got a cab and got back to our destination. It was definitely a night I will never forget. People ask me why I did it in front of so many people; I know Christine and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Christina would like to highlight: D.A.N.C.E. – which I have modified from my personal pageant platform to a career motto: Dynamic Activities Nourishing Cultural Energy – through various forms of physical fitness and a healthy diet. Also I am a huge advocate for the MHSA national platform of the crown C.A.R.E.S – creating a respectful environment in schools. (Anti bullying campaign). Bradley and I will eventually donate to Make-A-Wish once we settle in together.