Omar and Karenda

How We Met

We became friends in college, and that friendship evolved into attraction, and that attraction grew into love. She was, is, and will always be my best friend!

how they asked

Dating for over 10 years, I knew a simple proposal wouldn’t cut it. My plan was to surprise not just my bride-to-be, but many of our friends at a weekly dinner that one of us usually hosts. I persuaded them to go to the restaurant I was “craving” knowing well that my accomplices were ready to go. Upon arrival to the restaurant, a few members of our party noticed cameras up high, but thought the restaurant was filming some promotional material or taking photos for yelp and proceeded to sit down without suspicion. Before long, a random guy sitting behind us made a scene and started beatboxing to draw our attention. And the rest, well… see for yourself….

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Collegiate Acapella Group
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