Ollie and Melanie

How We Met

We met at summer camp back in 2011 and began dating a few years later. We have been traveling oceans to be together ever since.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disneyland Paris

Ollie is from Southampton England and I am from Denton, Texas. Although we live almost 5,000 miles away from each other, that doesn’t stop us from making every second we have together count.

Ollie and Melanie's Engagement in Disneyland Paris

How They Asked

On Christmas day I opened up a small Mickey Mouse card that had clues written on it. Each clue came with a Disney themed gift. I originally thought that during my trip to see Ollie, we were going to London for a few days. I was way wrong! Ollie completely surprised me with a trip to Disneyland Paris! I was so excited and couldn’t stop smiling! I thought that this was going to be the best present I would ever get this trip, but I had no idea what was coming soon. On December 29th, 2018 we arrived at Disney, road a few rides, and decided to take pictures at the castle. Ollie told me that he would go find a couple to take our pictures for us. I took a few pictures of the castle while he walked around looking for someone to take our pictures. I had no clue that this time, but he was actually finding a couple to take our pictures and video our proposal! He found a sweet couple who agreed to help with the big moment. When Ollie came back to me with the couple he reached for my backpack. I asked him what he was doing as he struggled to open the stuck purse zipper. He told me he got me a button because he knew how bad I wanted one. Ollie knew how bad I have been wanting to get a Disney button from a trip to Disney, so he surprised me with a button with my name on it. I was beyond excited about this surprise… but I have no clue that I was about to experience the biggest surprise of my life!

Proposal Ideas Disneyland Paris

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disneyland Paris

As I put on my first button, he handed me a second button that read “engaged” on it. As I looked up from the buttons, Ollie was getting down on one knee. He told me about how much he loves me, and how our very first trip together was to Disneyworld in Florida, so there is no better place to propose. It was an incredible day that I will never forget. Our engagement was full of free fast passes, fireworks, and incredible memories! We might be thousands of miles apart, but that won’t stop us from having our happily ever after!

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