Ollie and Leo

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How We Met

Our story is a little bit of a roller coaster, and personally I think better told by Leo, but I will try to summarize it to the best of my ability. I met Leo through my older sister, Maria, who conveniently was best friends with his older sister Vita. Apparently, he liked me from the very beginning, and created a plan make all my friends and family fall in love with him, and then finally, me. He called this his “Master Plan”. And it worked too! At first, I only saw him as a friend. However, after about three years of checking off all the restaurants off my bucket list with him, being my jogging partner for countless late-night jogs, being one of my closest friends, and the countless and the constant support (read: pressuring) of my friends and family I finally agreed to dating. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel ready for a relationship as he would be my first real boyfriend, and I only lasted a week before we had to call it off. But bless his soul, he stayed my friend and was patient with me the entire time. We slowly went back to our normal friendship and unknown to him, I started to like him on my own terms without the pressure of my family and friends. Fast forward about another half a year, after a picnic with our friend Oxie, he asked me to meet him at a Starbucks. He told me he couldn’t be just my friend anymore and wouldn’t be a part of my life anymore. My response to him was “No”, and that’s when I confessed that I liked him and was ready to give it another try. And we have been together ever since.

how they asked

The fact that Leo was going to propose to me was not a surprise as we had already talked about getting married and we were on the same page. However, I did not know any of his plans nor when he planned on doing it, so when it happened I was completely not prepared.

My all time favorite physical activity is ice skating, but I did not go for awhile that year, and out of no where for about a month my older sister began to plant the seed that she really wanted to go. So we planned a day and I, of course, invited Leo to come. A few days before, he told me he wasn’t going to make it because he was invited to a guy’s hang out to watch a boxing match. I was disappointed but we made plans to go on a breakfast date instead so that we could still hang out that day. He kept hinting that I should dress up and do my make up (since I normally don’t put too much effort in unless I know I will be getting photographed) because he “wanted to take cute pictures”. I tried a little but I still kept it casual because I knew that I was going to be hanging out with my family afterwards and there was no need to be over the top. And by casual I mean I wore jeans and an oversized Mickey Mouse t-shirt that I bought from Walmart on a trip we had taken earlier that year (not exactly proposal worthy in my book). After our date I went home to get ready to go skating with my sisters, and they kept saying that I should change my outfit, and my little sister even offered to curl my hair. Thinking back now, I don’t know how this wasn’t a total give away, but you know what they say about hindsight.

Anyways so we went to the Ice Arena and I did not notice anything out of the ordinary until my sister Irina wanted to show me a picture she took on her phone, and in that exact moment Leo had texted her and she quickly swiped the message away so that I couldn’t read it. That was when everything started to click and I started to be really suspicious. My first reaction was to text him asking him where he was (obviously he wasn’t going to respond to me), and my second reaction was to check Find My Friends (since Leo, my best friends and family all share our locations with each other). Leo’s location wasn’t showing up (because he had turned it off), but all three of my best friends were at the Ice Arena even they though were not supposed to be there. Head spinning at this point, because “Oh my word I think this is the moment that he is proposing!” and “Wait, did I just ruin my own proposal?”, I turned to my sister’s and asked them “Is Leo going to propose to me today?”. Who in their right mind asks this? Of course my sisters knew but they brushed it off and said I was being too paranoid and needed to chill. So I went back on the ice and kept skating trying to keep cool.

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At some point Leo popped up on the ice and guided me to the center of the rink, and even though I already knew what was happening I was still in shock/anxious/nervous/excited/overwhelmed, just so many emotions. So much so that I don’t really remember what he said except that at some point I said “Babe, I’m wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt!” (we still laugh about that to this day).

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Then with the help of my sister, my favorite niece Emma came with the box and Leo got down on one knee (with my help, proposing on ice is tricky business!), and asked me to marry him.

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Or at least I think he did because I was so excited I don’t really remember. At some point I started crying, and after I said yes everyone cheered and my best friend ran out on the ice to give me a giant hug.

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After we got off the ice we were greeted with my sisters, best friends, and his family! That was the best part for me (besides the proposal) was seeing all of our closest friends and family there to share in the joy and excitement of that moment. And that was it, we were officially engaged and even though it didn’t work out as flawlessly as he planned, it was still perfect and makes for a great story that we will cherish for the rest of our days.

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