Olivia and Zak

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How We Met

From Zak: Olivia and I met August 13th 2012. She was a Red Shirt Freshman (Sophomore in school) Goalkeeper on the women’s soccer team and I was a volunteer assistant at Millersville University working with the Women’s Soccer Goalkeepers. I was working with the team for two years now and was working into my third year. The first day of Preseason I was walking out onto the field setting up for the session and I was humming a song that I just heard on the radio before I walked out… I stopped humming the song as she walked up and she sang the next line of the song. It was awesome. I never talked to her but we already had a pretty good relationship going. We had a good conversation regarding who she was and who I am and all that. I made fun of her tattoo and it back fired.

After a week of Preseason I joined the Men’s team and we continued to have a good relationship. She would ask for advice before and after games on handling situations. One game stands out in particular – ESU vs MU. Millersville lost in OT after she had a big mistake. After the game was over I walked over to her to make sure she was okay – esp since I have been in that situation before (losing the game for the team). She immediately starting crying and gave me a hug. I took her out for some food after to just make sure she wasn’t alone or upset. Pizza at Hopi… Classy. After that we didn’t hang out too much but she would always talk to me. I worked at Hopi as a delivery boy Friday and Saturday nights. She would always visit me for pizza. She had a boyfriend at the time but he was an ass. She would light up the room every time she would walk in to see me. A few months go by and we are pretty good friends still to this point. She came over to my house for a few parties – my birthday in January. She came in the house and it was like slow motion. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. Her roommate would always introduce us each others future wife / husband to new people. It was weird at the time but looking back she already knew.

After that we went to our annual formal and we were still not really talking as a couple but still good friends. At this point she was single and I was not picking up the signals from her that she wanted to date haha! I took another girl to formal but still hung out with Olivia that night.After this night I knew that I wanted to try.. So, Valentines Day came around and I attempted to get her to go on a date with me. At this point I have been asking her a few times and she kept saying “stooooooooop” really flirty but never said yes. I got her to go to get ice cream and watch a movie back at my house after a few sly moves on my end ;) After that night we hung out every single day for a month and a half. We would study together, eat, sleep, and drink together. I took her to meet my entire family before we were even official. Once she met everyone – March 31st – I asked her to be my GF :) and she said “Yes” We have been dating 3 years and 75 days and (4 of them as an engaged couple) and I couldn’t be happier.

how they asked

From the planner, Adriana Marie Events: Zak and my husband Kevin have been friends since they were on their college soccer team together, and actually have known each other for much longer. When Zak started coming around after college, we immediately became “couple friends” with him and Olivia. Being a wedding planner, weddings are always being talked about and often I get asked to help with my friends weddings and plans (which I absolutely love). Olivia actually caught my bouquet at my wedding last May which was super ironic and fun!! Olivia and Zak always mentioned “When we get engaged, you are totally planning my wedding!!” and I am so happy to have been a part of their love story.

Back around February, Zak was over my house chatting with Kevin about how he just purchased a beautiful ring for Olivia and needed to start thinking about a great proposal. A few days later, I get a call from him “Hey, want to help me plan this proposal? Lets make this thing awesome for Liv.” How could I resist that, yes of course I wanted to help! Shortly after Zak came to my house and we spent a few hours brainstorming about different ideas and ways we could lure Olivia in without her knowing what was going to happen. Zak mentioned she has a few very specific requirements for the day; to have her hair and make up done, nails done, look pretty, and most of all have pictures to remember everything. Immediately I blurted out “Oh my gosh, we should do a FAKE styled shoot!!” Being a planner, I often plan styled editorial shoots and it was the perfect way to check off all the things on her list and make it a complete surprise. We instantly started planning, picked a date, and got excited for June 10th to roll around.

When we got to Silver Swan on the proposal day, the weather could not have been any better and everything was lined up perfectly. We set up the little scene, popped the rose champagne in the fridge, got the details ready, and made the two of them look amazing. We started the “shoot” out just like any other, a few hours of hair and make up that lead into portraits at sunset.

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After about an hour, the photographer went inside the venue to switch her lens. I mentioned to Zak that this was the cue to come grab the ring from me to pop the question!! Zak took the ring, led Olivia out to the dock and got down on one knee after whispering some sweet words to her. Zak began to tell her that this day was planned entirely for her, and once she finally realized what was happening it was an instant flood of emotion. Happy tears, jumping for joy, lots of hugs and smiles all around! I had already prepared the champagne and flutes for them to instantly celebrate.

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Zak mentioned a few weeks prior to the proposal that they had a special song together, and I thought it would be special to take something home from the engagement. So, I got the lyrics done in calligraphy for them to take home and frame. All in all this day was more perfect than we ever could have planned, and I am SO happy to have been a part of my friends special day. It was overall perfection!!

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