Olivia and Yashar

How We Met

He used to be the boss of me, and now I am the boss of him. Our story began in September of 2013. I was interning at a pharmacy in Virginia Beach and Yashar was working miles away at a pharmacy on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. That summer, Yashar was transferred to a Virginia Beach store and at the same time I had started looking for a new company to work for. Rachel, one of my best friends in pharmacy school, recommended an intern position with her company, the same company Yashar worked for. I applied and was hired in the same store as Yashar. After working some time together for the same company (I later of course had to be transfered to another store in the district because he was my boss at the time) we hit it off and the rest was history.

Image 1 of Olivia and Yashar

Image 2 of Olivia and Yashar

how they asked

Yashar planned what seemed to be an innocent lunch date with me. Meanwhile, back at our house, our sisters were helping set up a special surprise that he had been planning for months. Upon returning home from lunch, Yashar runs inside. I lingered in behind him, approached the front door and walked into our living room full of roses, four hundred and eight of them to be exact. I said yes of course, but that wasn’t all he had up his sleeve. He then proceeded to tell me not to post anything on social media quite yet, as he claimed it would be a better idea to surprise my mother with the big news in person. I agreed to contain my excitement. Once we arrived to my mother’s house, I was overwhelmed with surprise; Yashar had planned a surprise engagement party with all my family, friends, and out of town loved ones.

Image 3 of Olivia and Yashar

Image 4 of Olivia and Yashar

Special Thanks

Sam Stroud
 | Photographer