Olivia and Wil

How We Met

We met on our first day of English class freshmen year at NC State University. He was tall and handsome and immediately caught my eye. Over the next year and half we became really good friends. Then in 2013 he asked me to be his girlfriend after watching fireworks at the North Carolina State Fair.

how they asked

We went to Raleigh for what I thought was dinner with his parents for Christmas. My fiancé Wil played football for NC State and I had worked for NC State football. We went to the stadium to pick up what he said was an alumni gift. When we got there there was a Christmas gift that said his name on it. We took the present outside to the statue where even before we had started dating we would watch the fireworks after the fair. Inside the bag was a lighter and sparklers. I still had no clue that this wasn’t from his coaches. We played with the sparklers and then he pulled out a box.

He started saying all this sweet stuff about how much he loved me and such and he pulled out a green box. I got so mad, I thought here he is telling me how much he loves me and he is giving me a necklace or earrings.

And then he dropped to one knee. I could feel my heart in my ears; I thought this isn’t really happening. Maybe I need to blink a time or two. He said more sweet stuff, and asked me to marry him!!!

He opened the box and I saw the prettiest ring I had ever seen. I grabbed the ring and put it on my finger as quick as I could. The diamond was a beautiful round cut solitaire on my mom’s setting.

When I turned around there was Wil’s best friend, Nik. He had been there to capture the whole thing on camera. It was perfect because Nik had been there for every stage of our relationship and we both loved him dearly.

I called my mom, sister and closest friends to tell them. They all seemed so excited and surprised.

When we started down the steps to meet his parents for dinner, the entire football team was headed back towards the Murphy. From across the parking lot I could see Wil’s teammates and coach! I ran and screamed the news! Of course they all already knew and his coach had been the one to place the “alumni gift” in the Murphy Center. It was perfect timing to share our happy news with my favorite guys.

After visiting with the boys we left for dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant BOTH of our families were there and some of my closest friends. When I had called them earlier they were already there and together.

Of course I didn’t eat a bite of dinner because I was way too excited. But it was simply wonderful to celebrate with our families.

I could not have imagined a more perfect proposal, it was full of some of our favorite people in one of our most favorite places. I was so surprised. As Clark W. Griswold said, “If I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now”.

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