Olivia and Tim

How We Met

I briefly met Tim at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2011. We were both in relationships at the time and didn’t say more than “Hi” to each other, but I definitely noticed how cute he was. Fast forward to the beginning of 2012 and I was made aware that Tim was now single. I was still in a relationship, so I didn’t think much of it (though, I did wonder why anyone would break up with such a great guy!). I quickly forgot about him until May of 2012 when he popped up on my “people you may know.” I went to his page and was, for some reason, a little disappointed that he had a new girl in his life. Fast forward to the beginning of 2013, I was now single and really not looking for anybody. I was a serial monogamist and was ready to be single. One day in February I got a friend request from Tim. I FREAKED OUT. I had no idea that he remembered who I was, let alone knew I existed. I played it cool and added him back. We eventually started talking and I decided to be brave and ask him out for a drink that March. He said yes! We bonded over our love of country music…he even put $20 in the jukebox to continuously play country love songs. Soon enough we were spending every day together! He asked my dad permission to date me and 6 months later moved to Kentucky together! We have been together for almost 3 years and are to be marry in 2017!

Image 1 of Olivia and Tim

how they asked

In October of 2014 Tim left for a 3-month business trip to Japan. Over the next 3 months Tim and I had discussed marriage and he would drop major hints that he was going to propose when he returned. I knew Tim was the one, but marriage wasn’t on my mind until he began talking about it. I immediately went full on crazy…to the extent of buying decor for the wedding. Everyday I thought it was going to happen, but by fall of 2015 my finger was still bare. I was getting frustrated and talked to him about it. He told me he wanted it to be perfect and had been planning since he got back but was having a hard time picking the perfect ring and proposal idea. By December of 2015 I had brought it up so much that he told me to just be patient, not knowing that a few weeks later I would be engaged!

The day of Tim was off work. I called him on my way home and asked if he wanted to go to the store with me. He agreed and told me to pick him up. When I pulled into the driveway I hit the garage door opener, but it wouldn’t open. So, I got my key out and walked to the front door. As soon as I opened it I saw rose petals and burlap arrows leading me to our deck. I dropped my stuff and nervously yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” “WHERE ARE YOU?!” but received no response. I followed the arrows, opened the door leading to the deck, and saw Tim standing there when a sign that read “Marry Me.”

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