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How We Met

I can’t tell you enough how often Stewart and I use the phrase “we are meant to be”. Let me explain… Two years ago I remember the exact moment when I finally knew I was ready and even said out loud.. I am ready to meet someone. I didn’t think anything of it and decided I really want to go to the beach, I had such an urge to go the next weekend. I packed my things when the weekend came around and told my friends to meet me at the beach for a fun trip! The beach is an hour away from us so anytime we can I love to escape over there, it is my absolute favorite place in the world. My parents were having a party on Sunday at our condo in New Smyrna and decided we would all join! Sunday rolls around and one of my parents good friends, encourages their nephew to stop by and say hi! Several hours went by and I figured he wasn’t going to show. I was a bit bummed because I kept thinking that maybe this was the reason I had such an urge to get over to our beach house! All of a sudden the door knocks and two guys walk in. I was introduced to Kingman, our friends nephew and Stewart. They told me they decided last minute to drive to the beach for the day to fish. After the introduction I pulled my mom into my room and told her “the man I am going to marry is standing in our living room”. Stewart was a dream. I tried to act incredibly calm anytime we would talk that day but I felt like I was doing a terrible job. My stomach had a million butterflies. Our beach condo was filled with people and the guys didn’t stay for very long, but for the short time that Stewart and I talked I KNEW I needed to see him again. Weeks went by and I couldn’t get him off my mind and didn’t know how to get in touch with him. Until one day I had a face book request from Stewart and couldn’t believe it! He sent me a message and within a few hours we met at a restaurant that we both loved. Come to find out we have been living in the same small town our entire lives. Within a few weeks of dating we talked about our future together, we both knew we found the one and things were meant to be. We officially became a couple on May 10, 2015. We now have a beautiful home together. He has the purest heart and the most beautiful mind. He is always pushing us to be the best version of ourselves while being grounded and thankful. I still get butterflies when he comes home and I get to fall asleep next to him every single night. We have the most genuine, real relationship that gets stronger as the days go on. Still to this day, I am so grateful I listened to my gut and decided to take a trip to the beach two years ago and meet my soon-to-be husband. We travel the world together, exploring the unknown with him is like nothing else. We have seen the most beautiful places but having him along side me is truly unimaginable. I am so thankful.

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how they asked

Near our home, we discovered this park and have been absolutely in love with it ever since we first stepped foot there. The park is right on the water, the views are incredible. It is one of our absolute favorite spots to go to. I love packing a picnic for us and spend the afternoon relaxing together. It is the most serene place. Stewart told me to meet him at Azalea park after work, he was going to pick me up by boat and go for a nice sunset cruise. I didn’t think anything of it because he has done that several times before. But this time was completely different. Before I got there, Stewart was walking around the park holding the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and the ring box, finding the perfect spot to officially make him mine! While he was looking for that special area, a couple spotted him who happened to be relaxing at the park that day. Bree and Stephen approached him, introduced themselves explaining that they are wedding photographers and would love to capture the moment. Stewart initially said no, because I told him I have always wanted the moment to be very personal, just us. But after a significant amount of convincing he agreed! A beautiful couple hiding, documenting as I walk up, having no idea that my life was about to be absolutely complete with my person forever. I found the love of my life down on one knee.

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I am so grateful for the most stunning couple, who took time out of their day to capture our moment that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We have since became so close to Bree and Stephen and love them deeply. A complete meant to be situation. Stewart and I, have always been meant to be.

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