Olivia and Stephen

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How We Met

Stephen and I met on Bumble. We hit it off instantly and we had our first date at Kramerbooks in DC. We talked while looking at books, went and got french fries at Shake Shack, and he walked me the 45 minute walk home in 35 degree weather. Our date lasted for over three hours and there wasn’t a single awkward moment throughout it. I sent the text included in a screenshot to my best friend the next day.

How They Asked

After dating for almost three years I finally took Stephen back to my hometown of Sedona, AZ. At sunset he told me to put on a nice dress, took me to a gorgeous hiking trail, and proposed in front of the red rocks I had told him about over and over in our time together. He had hired a photographer who walked out from behind some trees while he was on one knee. The ring is a peach sapphire, and I told him while we were walking with the photographer that it felt like what I would look like if I were a ring. Stephen then told me he wasn’t done with the surprises. He took me to a resort, led me to a room, and inside I was surprised by all four of my sisters waiting to celebrate with us. It turns out that Stephen had been messaging and planning with them for MONTHS and I had had no idea. My sisters are my very best friends and I’m almost always complaining that I don’t get to see them enough. Even the sisters who lived there that I had seen earlier in the day didn’t say a single word and acted completely casual. After the proposal we spent the next two days spending time with my sisters, with all four of them welcoming Stephen into the family with open arms. It was the perfect trip and I couldn’t be happier.

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