Olivia and Sean

Sean and I have been on a whirlwind, at only a few months of dating I accepted a job 600 miles away and moved south leaving my home in Ohio. Despite the distance and months of Skype dates he moved down and we began our lives in South Carolina. Sean and I were walking about the Andell Inn at Kiawah Island SC enjoying the breathtaking views and the live music in the background. One of our favorite pastimes is to simply sit outside and take in the scenery with a nice cold beer. Now me being me I forgot my wallet so he went inside to get us a beer. Little did I know he and the front desk employee were on their way out to “take” pictures of us. He sat next to me on the swing and she took a few photos. Sean looked at them and told her that they were ok but if she could try it one more. At that moment he went around the porch swing and got down on one knee! I immediately was got off guard and shocked (so was the employee! She struck a few tears as well. ) I was speechless and all I could come up with was YES YES YES!

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