Olivia and Scott

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How We Met

Right after my grandmother died in April 2014, I decided to make an OKCupid profile because I was feeling a bit lonely. The first night I had it, I found a guy named Scott who was playing softball in his profile picture with a beard I thought was pretty cute. He became the only guy I ever messaged first on a dating website and it took him a whole day to respond back to me. After he did, we decided to meet in person at Peets Coffee down the street from the college I was going to. We met at 9am on a Friday morning and we were both extremely hungover, but from that moment on we were inseparable.

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how they asked

I just got off of a 9 and a half hour shift at the winery I work at and when I got home the door was locked. The front door at our place is never locked if one of us is home, and I had my arms full of wine, so i started to swear and bang on the door. Scott wasn’t answering so I finally just took my keys out and opened the door. When the door opened there were 12 balloons lined up from the front door to the bedroom. All the balloons had pictures of us attached with notes on the back of each one. By the time I read the third balloon I knew what was happening and was already crying.

Months before this happened, however, Scott had been fake proposing to throw me off. So I was still kind of skeptical at this point because I thought it could just be an elaborate fake proposal. When I walked into the bedroom, he was standing there and said “Oh you think I’m proposing? Oh no I was just trying to be nice because it had been a long year with my first year of teaching and I just wanted to do something special.” And I told myself that made sense and I started to calm down a bit. Then he said “Just kidding” and got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. Lets just say I walked into the house wearing makeup, and by the time I was done crying 20 minutes later I was no longer wearing makeup. It was the most amazing moment of my life, and the ring and the proposal is everything I have ever wanted.

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