Olivia and Scott

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How We Met

High School Sweethearts: My fiancé Scott and I have a unique circumstance in that we’ve known each other since grade school. We grew up down the street from one another and rode the same bus to school through high school.

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We became good friends in junior year of high school thanks to a mutual friend. And we started dating senior year. Our first kiss was at midnight on New Year’s Eve — and, since we were still in high school, we made it ‘Facebook-official’ on Valentine’s Day in 2009.

LDR: We decided to try out long distance through college. Scott attended Elon University in North Carolina while I attended the University of Georgia in Athens.

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We made it work by traversing the 6-hour drive to and from UGA and Elon as much as we could. Athen’s bars and Elon fraternity parties kept us busy. We both graduated in December 2012 and moved back to our childhood homes to figure out our next move.

LA Bound: We moved to LA in the fall of 2013 after Scott enrolled in law school at the University of Southern California. It’s been sunshine and law-filled ever since!

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how they asked

A Mile Off: I knew the proposal would be coming soon. Scott had just started working at a big time law firm, and we had been talking about it for a while. The timing was definitely starting to feel right. Not to mention there had been a myriad of clues that caught my attention – he went back home for a weekend, nice dinner reservations, my family acting weird – you get the picture.

A couple days before, he asked if I wanted to go to a law firm happy hour at The Vineyard, a beautiful piece of undeveloped property on the top of Beverly Hills. After the happy hour, we would go to a nice dinner for my birthday. I knew something was up!

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The Day Of: The day of, I was a nervous wreck. I had told my boss my suspicions, so she can attest to how crazy I was that day. I work for an online boutique called Largo Drive so I spent the entire day shopping for the perfect thing to wear that night.

When I got home, Scott was waiting for me, and we hopped in the car to try to make it to “happy hour” in time for sunset. When we arrived, incredibly no one else was there! “Hmmm are we early?,” I slyly asked. And he replied “No, that’s weird, people should be here.”

We got out of the car and started walking across The Vineyard overlooking all of Los Angeles. Towards the edge of the property, I could see a cute little scene set up with a rug, candles, champagne, and flowers. When we reached the spot, he looked at me, told me about the first time he knew he wanted to marry me (swoon), and then he got down on one knee! He brought out a beautifully-inscribed silver ring box and finally asked the big question! I said YES!

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The Afterparty: After we hugged and kissed, I asked how he set up this amazing scene because I knew he had been at work all day. He looked over towards another car parked nearby and waved someone over. And then out came my sister! who ran across the property and hugged me. She helped orchestrate the whole thing— she flew out from Miami to help get all the supplies and set things up. She’s an amazing wedding/event planner with a company called Wild Nights Events and did an amazing job getting everything wrangled together.

But the surprises weren’t over! We hung out a while and enjoyed the moment until the sun fully set and then headed down to my “birthday dinner” at a cute place in Beverly Hills. Our friends sent us a bottle of champagne, we ate a delicious dinner, and as we were finishing our dessert, I looked up and across the restaurant I saw three of our friends walking towards us. Turns out, he had planned a little afterparty with all of friends waiting in the restaurant’s bar.

The next day we left for my birthday trip to Albuquerque for the hot air balloon festival. My mom, sister, and brother-in-law were already planning on being there. My mom arrived before we did, and as we walked out of the airport to meet her, I saw that Scott’s mom flew in to surprise me and celebrate with us as well! And for the final surprise, my dad showed up! He had told me that he couldn’t come because he was out of town for work (I was kinda mad at him since it was my birthday and the proposal celebrations), but it turns out he drove all night and made it to Albuquerque!

It was the best weekend of my life, perfect in every way!

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