Olivia and Ryan

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We met 9 years ago at a surf shop in Hermosa Beach, Ca. I was 18 and he was 23. There was instant chemistry between us. He played guitar in a band and had tattoos and I hadn’t even ever gotten my ears pierced! So I guess opposites do attract. We worked together for 3 months before he asked me to go to one of his shows at the Key Club in Hollywood. It was December 28th, 2005. We hung out after the show and had our first kiss while playing truth or dare. It felt like the kiss lasted 5 hours, not 5 seconds. He called me the next day and asked me if I would like to spend NYE with him; I accepted and we had our second kiss January 1st, 2006. He never stopped calling me after that and he officially asked me to be his girlfriend on March 18th of that same year and then in July of that year after a 4 month long US tour, he told me he loved me as we walked along the beach one night. We have been together ever since….

This August 7th, 2014 we went to Seattle on a trip with my family. The morning we left for Seattle was a little chaotic. We just couldn’t get out of the house and my parents were nagging us that we would miss the plane. We finally got to the boarding gate and had time to grab a coffee for the flight. I hadn’t noticed but recalled later that he was as cool as a cucumber the whole time. And this is odd for him as he suffers from terrible motion sickness so before flights he always gets a little anxious. We boarded the plane and as we were putting our luggage in the over head compartments he turned and his back pack hit my hand (holding his coffee) and spilled HOT coffee all over the front of my little white sun dress. I was silent. I couldn’t even look at him A. I was in pain and B. I was so upset that my dress was now stained. I turned around slowly and made my way to the bathroom. I took a few deep breaths, cleaned myself up and headed back to my seat. He was sitting there looking straight ahead. He couldn’t even face me as he felt so terrible and was extremely nervous for the day ahead.

We landed in Seattle, checked into our hotel and headed down to the boardwalk before lunch. It was the most beautiful sunny day with a light cool breeze and not a cloud in the sky. The 5 of us started to walk onto Pier 63 to take some family pictures with the huge Ferris wheel in the background. When it was time to take pictures of just Ryan and I, he started to talk to me in a serious manner and I kept getting distracted. He finally turned me toward him and started saying sweet and loving things which I of course have no recollection of. Then, before I knew it he was down on one knee, asked me to marry him and I was speechless. It was a total surprise and an utter dream for my whole family to be there to witness it. I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. We all hugged, kissed, cried and giggled with joy. Then, of course we went and had champagne! It COULD NOT have been a better day!!!

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We are both from California. Born and raised in Redondo Beach. We even went to the same high school but he graduated the year before I entered.

We are connected by a few different degrees of separation. Our sisters played soccer together in high school, his sister-in-law and I were in the same girl scout troop and our high school best friends were step siblings. We know we had to have been around each other or even in the same room at some point but never met and the universe finally brought us together years later. I am a Pisces and he is an Aries; and usually water and fire don’t mix but something about our combination just flows.

Ryan is kind, loving, gentle, sexy, silly, generous, playful, honest, hardworking, determined, fit, embracing, successful, funny, curious, smart and classy.

His smile lights up a room and there is not one person he meets that doesn’t instantly like him. He cares for my family in such an intense way I get emotional just thinking about it. He is dedicated to his business and making a life for us. He compliments me every chance he gets and touches me in ways that make me feel safe yet sexy. He leaves me sweet notes around the house or on my car. He loves and respects my friends like they are apart of his blood line. He is a GREAT gift giver. He always knows what I need/want before I even ask. I feel most myself when I am around him than anyone else. My parents ADORE him, which is a plus! I would say the number one best thing about our relationship is our communication. We are always on the same level and the same team. We listen to each other and make sure we really hear what the other person is saying or feeling. We don’t ever say things we don’t mean or can’t take back because we would never want to hurt each other just for even a second.

I could go on and on about him. His is my best friend first and foremost. But above all else he is and forever will be my soul mate.

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Being able to grow up with him and along side him makes us a stronger couple. I cannot wait to be his wife and one day the mother of his children. My face is now covered in tears… Bottom line, I love him. I am honored the universe paired us together and I will follow him into the dark….

Photos by Europa Photogenica