Olivia and Ruben

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How We Met

We met at the St.Pete/Clearwater airport on March 31, 2014. I went there to pick up my best friend’s siblings and their cousin (Ruben), who were in town for spring break. I remember looking at him and thinking he was so cute! After we were introduced, we immediately clicked and talked like if we knew each other from before! I don’t remember what we talked about, but I do remember that he kept making me laugh! That week we hung out a few times with his cousins and the last time I saw him was when we went to the beach. Days later, I receive a friend request from Ruben Vega and immediately after accepting, he sends me a message. He asked how I was doing and that he ended up staying in Florida because he didn’t like Iowa anymore. From then on, we would text each other on and off but just as friends, even though he was such a big flirt with me! Lol We stopped talking for months, so I ended up deleting him from social media because I didn’t talk to him anymore nor did I know him that well and I thought that was the end of it. Many months later, he sent me another request and we began to talk and flirt again and then, we just stopped talking for no reason at all. Life goes on, I started dating someone and guess who decides to message me again? You guessed it: Mr Ruben Vega! Lol Only this time, I’m not really into him because I had a bf, so I didn’t really talk to him this time around. More months go by, my relationship didn’t work out, but guess who messages me again? He did lol! By this time, it had been a little over a year and a half since we first met, so we began talking again but instead of flirting we started to get to know each other. We “talked” for a few months and then he asks “do you like me? Like really like me? ‘Cause I really like you.” Of course I liked him! From then on we were more serious about this “relationship.” On Dec 10, 2015 he officially asked me to be his girlfriend and we have been inseparable since then!

how they asked

Ruben and I often spoke about wanting to get married and the plans we wanted for our future. In 2017, we talked about marriage more often then not and in November he asked my parents for my hand in marriage! I was so excited! He told me that he was going to formerly propose to me when I least expects it. But seriously, after he asked my parents for their blessing I kept expecting a proposal every date night we had! Lol On Jan 13, 2018 he went to work but told me to be ready by 5:00 pm because he wanted to take me on a romantic date. To be honest, I thought to myself “OMG! Today is the day!” So I got all dressed up But had no idea where we were going. Let me tell you, I was truly surprised! He made reservations at the Zamora 360•Rooftop in St Pete. We had the whole Rooftop to ourselves and it was a very romantic atmosphere! He had preordered champagne and hors d’oevres for us. As the evening progressed the Rooftop began to glow with lights. He held my hand and we started walking around. As we were walking he told me so many beautiful things and then it happened: he got down on one knee and asked me to spend my life with him!!!! I cried like a baby! Everything was so perfect!!! My family was hiding nearby and was able to capture our special moment! I was so happy that he included my family in this beautiful milestone!

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And this is where our #VegaLoveStory begins!



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