Olivia and Regge

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Island Park

How We Met

I can still remember the first time I saw her. We were in junior high and she was singing in front of people. I can still remember what she was wearing. It was a grey dress with a white cardigan. Ever since that day, she has been the girl I have wanted to marry. I then reached out to her and we started talking. We didn’t really date at that point, but I constantly thought about her and how I could make it all happen. I will never forget seeing her. After seeing her, there wasn’t anyone else I was interested in.

How They Asked

She loves the snow and trees so I took her up to my family’s cabin. Behind the cabin, I shoveled a trail that led down to the trees I had covered with lights with a “marry me” sign with lights stringed across it. She loves the color white so I knew she’d like the white trees and the white balloons I had laid out. Along with the lights I also had candles that were along the path that led to the sign. I then took her to a little road with trees all alongside it. We took a few pictures there and then headed to eat at one of her favorite places close by.

Olivia and Regge's Engagement in Island Park

Special Thanks

Kylee Dayton
 | Photographer
Abby Dayton
 | Planning