Olivia and Patrick

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How We Met

As common modern day fairytales go, Patrick and I actually met online. I made the move to Sarasota mid 2015 for a new job and the desire to be closer to one my siblings. Not growing up in the area, I did not know anyone outside of my sister, her husband and children. Once settled, I had a friend from college encourage me to join an online dating site with her at the same time so we could experience the journey together. (Little did I know I would owe her for my future happiness :) ) Skeptical at first, I finally caved and said, “Well why not? What is the worst that could happen?” I joined the site for 3 months. After two months of multiple awkward, bad dates and online conversations I began to lose interest and simply waited for my subscription to expire. However, with only a week left on the site, I was contacted by Patrick. Our first date went amazingly! I knew he was someone special and I desired to learn more about him. Our first date lead to our second, third, fourth, etc. Before I knew it we became inseparable and our love flourished. Experiences such as skydiving and traveling to Europe only brought us closer together. Knowing our love was truly unique, we began to plan a life together.

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how they asked

Patrick is very into video editing. Earlier that month was his birthday. His sister, Monika, and I came together to get him the camera he was raving about. Eager to test out the time-lapse feature, he mentioned wanting to go to the beach one day to try it out at sunset. It was a common Tuesday evening and the weather was wonderful. Hanging out on the beach during sunset while enjoying some drinks and snacks sounded ideal. I had no clue of his true intention. After about an hour of people watching and enjoying the scenery, Patrick stated he wanted to go towards the water so we could be in a couple of the shots of the time-lapse. Standing with our arms around each other, starting at the sunset Patrick began to reminisce over our past year together. The moment he said, “I do not know what our future holds but, what I do know is I want you in it…” I could hear his heart racing. He went down on one knee and with tears in both of our eyes he presented the ring and asked me to marry him. It is a moment I will never forget! After the initial shock, I said yes! But wait, there is more! After joyfully calling my family to tell them the good news, he informed me that we were to go to his parents’ house for a celebration. I broke down in cheerful tears to learn that waiting were our friends and my “family representative” my sister, her husband, and children. All on an ordinary Tuesday! The moment was unforgettable and exactly “us”. Patrick and I are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many friends and family who love us. Our future is bright. He is an amazing man and I do not know how I got so lucky. I love him more than anything and cannot wait for our future together.

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