Olivia and Mitch

Where to Propose in Hove Beach front

How We Met

Mitch and I met at Loughborough University in the Gymnastics Centre.

We were both keen Gymnasts and share the same work ethic and interests so it was easy to get talking… not to mention I was instantly attracted to him the minute he took his t-shirt off to start training!

How They Asked

I had been extremely busy at work and away from home a lot so I was completely exhausted and crawling my way to our Summer Holiday in Croatia planned for early August 2019. I had mentioned a month prior to my now maid of honor that I had an inkling that Mitch was planning to propose during our summer holiday. My friend batted this remark off but also immediately messaged Mitch that he needed to change to plan B asap!

Mitch, therefore, concocted a plan to catch me completely by surprise! (Something that is not easy to do as I am the “organizer” of us both). He casually mentioned that we should go to Brighton for a fun day out and that he had booked a restaurant to celebrate my work projects coming to end and because I had been working so hard lately.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hove Beach front

We had a great day out walking along the beach and a delicious steak meal YUM! Mitch then suggested that we take a final stroll along the beach to watch the sun go down.

We sat on the beach chatting about what a great day it had been when he stood up to throw some pebbles into the water, he then called me over and started speaking… I would tell you what he said but I literally cannot remember anything because he got down on one knee and produced a red ring box and my brain was fried!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hove Beach front

I started balling my eyes out just in time for Manon to jump out of nowhere and start taking pictures of us at the moment. Little did I know that Manon and Mitch had been in conversations for a few weeks and that Manon had suggested this particular spot and time because it would be “Golden hour” lighting which would be perfect for the photos.

Manon immediately got us some prosecco and captured the next hour of excitement complete with a trip to the ice cream parlor. The pictures were gorgeous and we didn’t hesitate to choose Manon to be our Wedding photographer for July 2021. Better yet because we got engaged fairly locally (as opposed to on Holiday) we were able to save the coordinates can visit again on a weekend.

Special Thanks

Manon Pauffin
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring