Olivia and Matthew

Where to Propose in Yosemite national park at Yosemite falls

Matt and I first saw each other as freshmen in high schools snd had an interest in each other but we didn’t talk until we were seniors. We began talking because Matt’s best friends mom passed away and he looked really sad so I passed him a note during our psychology class together! We ended up dating and have loved each other ever since! We dated for almost ten years and finally the happiest day of my life came. We were on vacation in California and he knew he was going to propose the whole time but didn’t know where to do it. We went to five national parks from southern to Northern California and it wasn’t until one of the last days that we went to the most amazing, Yosemite. His mom later told me she was afraid he was going to come back home and still have the ring because he didn’t find the perfect place to ask. We decided to go check out Yosemite falls as it was a “must see”.

Most people just view the falls from a boardwalk but we decided to hike up the side to get closer to the waterfall. We finally got to a little place right next to the waterfall where we could feel the mist on our faces which felt amazing since it was summer and about 90 degrees. We were up on the trail all alone with the waterfall rushing so loud it blocked out everything else but everyone down on the boardwalk witnessed what was about to happen.The next thing I know Matt says “I want to do something” and my response was “don’t do something stupid” lol. He got down on one knee and said he wanted to be with me forever. I immediately started crying and hugged him for what seemed like ten minutes and then I finally looked at the ring. I could not believe that I actually cried because I had prepared myself for this moment for quite some time. True emotions just take over! The ring was perfect, the location was perfect and he is perfect. Can’t wait to spend forever with him.