Olivia and Matt

How We Met

We met each other in the 8th grade and started dating after a middle school dance.  While it didn’t last long then we became friends through high school and best friends away at university together.  Over 10 years after our first date, we finally started dating.


how they asked

Matt planned our proposal down to the last detail, with a big group of our friends and family in on it as well.  We were up north for the weekend and everything went perfect according to his ‘engagement day itinerary’.  He made sure everyone with us had a role in the day, like convincing me to change out of the typical sweatpants cottage attire, into a beautiful dress.  He set up the dock while a bunch of us went into town to get ice cream.  When we got back I found the dock decorated with candles, flowers and our favourite bottle of wine.  He proposed while one of our favourite songs was playing at sunset. The rest of the night was spent being serenaded by bagpipes, a surprise visit from my best friends and siblings, fireworks, skinny dipping, a dock dance party and bonfire.  Who would’ve thought that the skinny, Hollister wearing boy from across the street would one day become my husband.


Special Thanks

Morgan Bress Photography