Olivia and Matt

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How We Met

Wow! The most magical day of my life thus far! On September 14th of 2018, my best friend and the most precious man asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. While I had to ask “are you sure?!”- I could not wait to say YES. We had been together for six and a half years and I dreamed of the day he would ask me that question.

How They Asked

Matt received his Doctorate Of Pharmacy from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After that, he went on to the University of Notre Dame to receive his MBA. Both of us are from Youngstown, Ohio. A nice four and a half-hour drive away! Even though it’s a hike to get there, I always was so anxious excited to drive there to see him. Because I never took our time together for granted while we were there. We always had the best time. And we loved to walk the campus every time I went up there. One of our favorite places on Norte Dames campus is the Grotto. It’s so gorgeous.

We would always go and light candles and say prayers. There was something so calming and peaceful about going there. Matt planned a family trip with both of our families to go to a Notre Dame game. When we arrived in a South Bend we decided to change and go walk the campus before dinner. It was such a stunning day out. We arrived at the Grotto. The sun was starting set and the sky was unbelievably beautiful. We all lit candles and said a prayer. And just as we were wrapping things up a random photographer asked if she could take our picture for a promo for Notre Dame.

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She was so sweet and we agreed. As she started to take our picture Matt got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I remember being in such shock because I never thought he would ask in a public place let alone in front of anyone else!!! I remember feeling like I was floating. Could this really be happening?! I feel like you always dream of that day and when it actually happens it’s so surreal.

And to have his family and my family be apart of it. What. A. Dream. It was the most perfect day and weekend. We met up with other people that were up there that weekend as well and we all just truly had the best time. We always say we wish we could relive that weekend!

Olivia and Matt's Engagement in The University of Notre Dame

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