Olivia and Marc

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How We Met

When we first met, we were both working at a hospital together. However, I was already in a relationship so getting together was out of the question. Nonetheless, there was something about him that I could not get over and a feeling I had never felt before. Not even with my boyfriend at the time. However, he was very respectful of my relationship so we stayed friends. Soon after, he left his job at the hospital to pursue his career as a police officer and I figured that would be the last time I would see him. A few months passed and my boyfriend and I had broken up. Then, one day I decided to go into a local store to get a few things and there he was.

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We caught up and shortly after he asked me out, and the rest is history…

how they asked

I was taking a trip up to Monterey beach with my family for a week. He had told me he couldn’t make it because he had to work(he was still a fairly new police officer and it was difficult to request days off) so I understood. After arriving there with my family, nothing seemed out of the ordinary and we would keep in touch every day to see how things were going. Then, after a few days of being there, my mother told me we would be driving up to Big Sur for the day to take family photos. We arrived in Big Sur the next morning for breakfast. As I was looking down at the menu, he walks in and surprises me! I was in such shock that he was there because I though he was still at home 8 hours away. So after that surprise, I definitely wasn’t expecting anything else to happen. However, he still had another trick up his sleeve. After breakfast we walked to this beautiful waterfall/stream area where I thought we would be taking “family photos”.

He asked my family if they could take a few pictures of him and I first and so they did. In the middle of what seemed like a million photos he told me that he wanted to do a back to back photo and all I could do was laugh at him because of how silly I thought that was. But nonetheless I still did it. Smiling at the camera with my back to his, I was waiting to feel his back on mine. Once I realized he didn’t have his back to mine I turned around to see him on one knee asking me to marry him in front of my whole family.

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It was so magical and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.

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It was definitely a dream come true.

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