Olivia and Josh

Image 6 of Olivia and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met on the first day of medical school orientation back in 2016. Luckily I’m terrible with directions and asked him where we were supposed to go for our ID badge pictures. He walked me there, and we ended up spending the whole day together, talking and getting to know each other.

Image 1 of Olivia and Josh

We became friends quickly and spent the first few months of medical school being study buddies until he FINALLY kissed me one night! We started officially dating soon after and since then have been supporting each other through over 130 med school tests, 5 board exams, 2 years of clinical rotations, and 30 combined residency interviews.

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How They Asked

Josh and I have been working incredibly hard for the past 4 years to achieve our goal of becoming doctors. We’ve skipped out on weddings, holidays, family vacations, birthdays, and more, so we were SO excited for our big trip to Australia we had planned right before our medical school graduation.

Image 5 of Olivia and Josh

Unfortunately, COVID has other plans for us, and we had to cancel our vacation. Instead, we quarantined with my family in California for a while. My mom told us she really wanted some graduation photos of us in our cap and gown, so on a beautiful sunny day, we decided to take some graduation photos. I have always loved running and hiking on the trails around my childhood home, and Josh suggested going to my favorite trail to take the pictures. Little did I know he had my whole family involved in his plan to propose, and when we got to my favorite spot overlooking San Francisco and the bay, I went to put on my cap and gown. My sister grabbed them from me and told me to turn around so she could “get some test pictures for lighting,” and when I turned back around Josh was down on one knee and I made the easiest decision of my life. We just graduated are now heading to Florida to be an OBGYN and an internal medicine doctor in the same hospital!

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Special Thanks

Zara Blackstone
 | Photographer