Olivia and James

How They met

James and I met our freshmen year at Wofford. We never had a class together at Wofford and according to James, this was a good thing because I am, and always have been, very competitive when it comes to school. After college, I moved to Washington, D.C. for a job with the Treasurer of the Republican National Committee. James moved back to his hometown of Savannah, Georgia to start up a business with his identical twin brother, Madison. James and Madison were Environmental Science majors at Wofford and their business, Daly Organics, focuses on using and recycling organic waste into valuable soil amendments.

How They Asked

I am now starting my third year of law school at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Around Christmas of my second year, James and I traveled with my family to Ireland. My sister, Emily, spent the semester studying abroad in Belfast. On December 22, the very last day of our trip, James was really pushing for a nice family dinner in Dublin. However, our flight out was very early the next morning so everyone else was pushing for an early night back at the hotel. James won and with help from Emily’s boyfriend from Belfast, a plan was in place for what turned out to be a night to remember.

The plan was for James, my mom and dad, and me to meet Emily and Michael at Ha’penny Bridge: a famous bridge in the heart of Dublin with locks chained to the sides; Dublin’s version of the Lovelock Bridge in Paris. We arrive at the bridge and James insists that we take a picture (which I should have thought was odd). He starts talking to me and I tell him to smile and look at the camera. The quicker we take the photos the quicker we can get back inside out of the cold. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see James kneeling down and I turn to see him on his knee with a jewelry box open. My reaction after this is a mystery to this day. All I remember is thinking “water down below, diamond ring, okay careful.” I said “yes” as I heard an Irish accent in the background proclaiming, “he’s getting on his knee!” James and I will marry on May 18, 2019: one week after graduating from law school and just days before I start studying for the South Carolina bar exam.

James has introduced me to his passion for the great outdoors. An avid fisherman and hunter, James has trained me well. I have caught a white marlin on his uncle’s sportfisher and claimed my own buck on their preserve in Hardeeville, South Carolina. We love to spend time together, whether it’s outdoors or on the couch with a great Netflix series. Wherever we end up, we are both so excited to start our journey together as Mr. and Mrs. James Daly!

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