Olivia and Jake

How We Met

Jake and I met Thanksgiving weekend of 2014. It was my friend’s 19th birthday and at the time she happened to be dating Jake’s best friend, so we were both invited to the party. At the point in the night Jake had bought himself and the birthday girl a jager bomb shot, well I snagged the shot from him and he just casually walked away! Later on, after many more jager bombs, I walked up to Jake on the dance floor and made my move. Two days later we went on our first date to see “Gone Girl.” I was home for Thanksgiving weekend but it was time to head back to college. My friend’s dad was driving me and well, the movie wasn’t quite over yet so the date, unfortunately, had to be cut short. Jake didn’t seem to mind though we chatted the whole way home and even stopped for McDonald’s. After that, we weekend have been together ever since. We officially started dating on October 26th, 2014, we went through two years of daily Facetime calls, as I lived an hour and a half away for college. Jake would come to visit and stay with me in residence and student housing every chance he got. We moved into our first apartment together in July 2018 and bought our first home in November 2019. We are each other’s best friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How They Asked

Jake proposed to me on April, 18th 2020. Of course, everyone is aware that we are currently in the middle of a pandemic. Jake didn’t let this stop him from popping the question and making sure everything was perfect. I had a few suspicions throughout the day that something was up, my mom had continuously been texting me all day to come to do a porch pick up from her, I now know this was clearly to get me out of the house! Jake had created a Facebook group chat earlier in the week with our parents, siblings, and closest friends to tell them about his plan.

He knew it was important to me that this moment is captured and I’ve always loved the idea of our loved ones somehow being included in our engagement. But my number one request was that our sweet puppy, Harley be included! When I left my moms house, she had given Jake a text as a heads up I was on my way home. When I walked in the door, Harley had greeted me excitedly, as usual, but I noticed he was wearing a new bandana. He was being so silly and jumping around I couldn’t read it! I was able to pick him up and the bandana read, “mom, will you marry dad?” Instantly I began to tear up and was grinning so big.

I walked into our living room, Jake was on one knee and on our tv screen was a Facebook video chat of all our friends and family! Jake asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes. Just moments later, my sister was knocking on our living room window. Our parents, siblings, and a few friends were outside with banners and special gifts for us. This was the best day ever, and definitely a huge positive in all of this quarantine negative, it’ll definitely be a memorable engagement. We’re over the moon & I cannot wait to be Mrs. Rutledge!