Olivia and Grant

how we met

We went to school together growing up. Grant was a skater kid with long hair. It wasn’t until he joined the football team and cut his hair till I thought he was attractive, we started dating shortly after. (10th grade summer June 2013)

how they asked

We got some couple’s pictures made in April.. I hated them. They were at Looking Glass Falls in North Carolina. It was a beautiful day and I had high hopes that the pictures were going to be perfect. Needless to say I asked Grant if he would retake them with a different photographer. July 4th 2019 I had a full day planned at Looking Glass Falls again.. I had planned the photo shoot and a day near Boone North Carolina. What I didn’t know is Grant had talked to the photographer and planed to purpose in front of the falls. And he had plans to go back home to South Carolina and have a day at the lake to celebrate. I was in complete shock because I had planned the day. It was an amazing surprise on my favorite holiday!

Special Thanks

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