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How We Met

Her story: I’d seen him around before at birthday parties and on social media. We have SO MANY friends in common. When we were finally introduced by a close friend, we hit the ground running! Our first date consisted of grabbing tacos at Bartaco in Hyde Park. He ordered half the menu. I ordered a couple tacos. I ate half his food. He didn’t mind at all.. That’s when I knew he was the one!! We walked around for hours and did not want our date to end. I know most people say relationships are really hard and a decision like choosing your person is really tough. For me, it was one of the easiest things I’ve ever had to do. I never introduced him to friends or coworkers asking for validation, I always introduced him as “I FOUND HIM.. COME SEE!!” We’ve been inseparable since day one, even if it meant he would have to eat in the hospital cafeteria just to come see me during a work day, he was there! Dany is the funny one in this relationship (really hard for me to admit) but he is constantly making me laugh and playing jokes on me. We have the best time ever together. Can’t wait to do this forever!!

His story: So we were introduced by one of our common friends, and we hit it off from day one. Olivia tells the story way better than I do, but I can share with you a few tidbits about us and things we have discovered since that first date at Bartaco. What I didn’t know at the time, and have come to learn since, was that I must order double of everything I want when I’m eating.
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This is a dealbreaker for some, but it turns out that she’s totally worth sharing my food! Plus I can order a wider variety this way, win win. I also learned over the course of this relationship that teamwork really does make the dream work. Olivia has always been around and supportive only the way a best friend can. And I can’t wait for the next chapter of our story!

Olivia's Proposal in Tampa, FL

Proposal Ideas Tampa, FL

Olivia and Dany's Engagement in Tampa, FL

how they asked

He got me so good! Dany kept the whole thing under wraps from all my friends and most of my family until the very last minute just so no one would ruin it.

Two nights before the proposal, Thanksgiving Day, Dany broke it to my parents that it was happening just 2 days later. Don’t worry.. he officially asked my parents for my hand in marriage 3-4 months prior to this. After he got the parents’ blessings, we all agreed that around spring of 2017 would be a good time for an engagement of some sort. So I had no idea this was coming so soon!!
We went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure the next day with all the cousins. We’re huge Harry Potter fans so this day was so much fun. The day of the proposal went a little something like this: I wake up at Mera’s house (she still has no idea), my mom calls me and tells me we need to go to the mall to buy me new dresses ASAP (this is exactly why Dany kept it from people because WHY AM I BUYING DRESSES RN?!), I convince her to take me to Costco instead (no joke). She’s antsy to go home at Costco. We go home.. she won’t really let me eat because she wants to go to the mall. I refuse. I’m getting ready to meet up with Liz and everyone for a surprise dinner for Tina (which I helped plan by the way). As I’m putting on my Jeans, my mom tells me I need to put on a dress and that I don’t wear enough make-up. I refuse. I leave the house 3 hours before the dinner party just to sit at Starbucks, read a book, eat and waste time because my mom was being so weird. In the meantime, Dany finally breaks it to all my friends that they’re not going to a dinner party and that THIS IS IT. The only friends that had a heads up were those who had to fly in or drive in from out of town. I meet up with Liz, she has a dress on and asks me why I’m wearing my Fitbit… I think to myself “maybe mom was right?!” The staff at the restaurant tells us our table is almost ready and that we can wait out in the courtyard in the meantime. Well the rest is all one big blur of happy tears… I just remember falling to my knees as soon as I saw him down on his. Told ya he got me good =)