Olivia and Danny

Where to Propose in Iceland, under the northern lights

How We Met

Danny and I met through some mutual friends back in 2013, our friendship group is made up of loads of people who all love dance music, specifically trance. There were multiple times we could have met in the three years building up to that summer but we were never at the same nights out. On August 16th 2013 his best friend was djing at a club; we were both there and both newly single. We talked lots and a week later swapped numbers. While I was working he was entertaining me with silly games via text which led to me asking when we could get together.

The next day we had brunch together. Danny ate nothing as he was too nervous where as I had a mountain of eggs and smoked salmon. Straight away I knew I wanted to get to know him better. 4 years later we are still cracking up to the same harry potter jokes and have built an amazing live for ourselves in Sheffield. I’m confident that fate was everything in our meeting. Right person, right time. If we had met at any point – even 24 hours earlier – I would have automatically just seen him as another friend in motley crew.

Olivia's Proposal in Iceland, under the northern lights

how they asked

I wanted to take Danny away for his 30th Birthday and chose Iceland as he loves winter holidays. I had the whole trip planned out; Northern Lights tour, Blue Lagoon, whale watching, waterfalls, Icelandic ponies, and a beautiful taster menu for the evening of his actual birthday.

On our first night we went hunting for the Northern Lights, it was freezing cold and we were stood in the middle of a pitch black field under the stars waiting patiently.

Suddenly after two hours the lights started to blaze green across the sky. We were both in awe of how beautiful it all was! I then cracked a joke and said “this is the perfect time to propose you know” little did I know he would respond with actually “yes”, get down on one knee in the snow, pull out a ring and ask me to marry him!!! Obviously I said yes!

I was over the moon and cried for about two hours after. I remember telling our tour guide at the end of the night and she was super happy for us both. It really made the trip so special for us and I’ll treasure those memories for a life time. Under the Northern Lights just before the proposal.