Olivia and Dallas

How We Met

Dallas and I met almost nine years ago in September 2008, when I was 18 and searching for a part-time job to make some money while attending college. I applied to several retail stores in my local shopping malls and ended up accepting a position at Build-a-Bear Workshop. On my first day of work, Dallas was assigned to train me at the different bear-building stations and registers at check-out. I was young and shy, and since this was also my first real job ever, I focused on his instructions and did exactly as I was told. He trained me well, but I somehow still found myself as the subject of his silly pranks! He closed the door on me while I was arranging the new window display, covered me in stuffing while I was filling the machine, and would toss bear-sized plush basketballs near me while I was working on the other side of the store. As I got to know Dallas more, I recognized that this was his boy-ish way of saying he liked me. I started opening up to him as we talked about different things while working together – our hobbies, what our families were like, and what we hoped to get out of future careers. We started hanging out together outside of work and after a few months, our friendship turned into a relationship. On February 22, 2009, we said I Love You to each other and declared that our official anniversary date.

Olivia and Dallas's Engagement in Grizzly Peak in Berkeley, California

Olivia's Proposal in Grizzly Peak in Berkeley, California

Above are two pictures of us during the time we worked at Build-a-Bear Workshop. We always had themed days where we had to dress up! One is when our store dressed as House Slytherin from Harry Potter, and another when our store dressed as 80s rockstars one Halloween.

how they asked

On February 22, 2017, Dallas and I celebrated our 8-year anniversary. It was a Wednesday and we both had to work, so we decided we would figure out how to celebrate once we were both home that evening. Dallas came home with a fun idea – we should go visit our “spot” at sunset on Grizzly Peak that overlooks the San Francisco Bay, followed by dinner out in one of our favorite towns nearby. As we hit the road, Dallas wanted to film a timelapse of the drive with his GoPro. However once we got there, the battery died! He was slightly frantic which made me confused – I’m usually the camera-enthusiast who likes to takes photos and videos. He ended up setting his iPhone on the dash of his car to capture the rest of the sunset, and we stepped up on the ledge to admire the view. We reflected on the past eight years together and Dallas explained how much I meant to him and made his life so special. He whipped the ring out of his pocket and got down on knee – I was so surprised! I cried tears of joy as I said “YES!” and sat down to hug and kiss him. We celebrated at a new restaurant with a bottle of wine while excited calling our family and friends to share the news!

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