Olivia and Cody


how they asked

Cody and I had been talking about getting married since we first started dating , but we knew we needed to wait. Back then we were both 17 . We already knew we would get engaged around our 20th birthdays, so when his birthday came around things got really exciting and I got nervous. We are so close we never really dress up for dates anymore, we would rather stay in all day and cook with each other. So we made a plan, he would take me on a series of dates. I had to have a cute outfit for each date and had to have my nails done for each date. Along came the first of the dates . I was sure he wouldn’t ask me on this date bc it wouldn’t ask me in this date because it would be too obvious, but I bought a new outfit anyways and he brought me to get my nails done . On Thursday he came to pick me up and refused to tell me where he was taking me , which are my favorite kind of dates.

I figured out pretty quick that we were going to new Orleans, but still had no idea what we would do there. That was, until we showed up at the aquarium, not really somewhere that I would want to be dressed up to go. I was upset but I just went with it for the most part because we were running late and he said there always a show going on at 3 on the dot and we had to be there. We got into the exhibit, and we’re under a cave with fish surrounding us when out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign . It said ” Olivia, will you marry me?”


I took a double take because I was still in amazement.


I looked back at him on the ground, on one knee, and with all those people around I just wanted to kiss him. Tears welled up in my eyes and I was shaking as the photographer took pictures.


Thursday was a weird day to have a nice date, but it turns out it was perfect timing, because the next day our entire city went underwater and we lost almost everything, and if he had waited he probably would have lost the ring too.