Olivia and Chris

how they asked: Chris decided he was going to take me out the week before my birthday which also happened to be our five years and three months dating anniversary as well. We went to a local restaurant that sits on the river and we had a very nice dinner. He then asked if we could take a walk along the river, I was a little hesitant seeing as we weren’t the “walk along the river” type of couple.

So, I kind of had a little bit of an idea of what was about to come. So, we took our walk, he found what he thought was the perfect spot, and then he asked me if I wanted to surprise that he had for me. I could feel my face getting red and my first response was “no. I think I’ll just wait for my birthday.”

He then proceeded to tell me that this was not a birthday gift. I said okay and before I could say anything more he was down on one knee…he asked me the question I had been awaiting to hear…”Olivia Rae Kendall, will you marry me?!” I of course said YES!!!

Image 1 of Olivia and Chris

Image 2 of Olivia and Chris
Image 3 of Olivia and Chris