Olivia and Cameron

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How We Met

I’d just moved back to my hometown and decided to try the old swiping dating apps. All of them were a bust other than Bumble. I’d forgotten how terrible dating was, but Cameron was a breath of fresh air. We agreed to meet up finally and grabbed a couple of drinks at a bar in midtown. We talked for a while, but I left the date thinking he thought I was intimidating and obnoxious. The next day, he asked me out again. He was truly a saint because I started a super restrictive health challenge so he had to be quite creative with our dates. On our second date, I kissed him in the parking lot of the art museum, and I’ve never stopped.

How They Asked

The week before the proposal, my sweet baby sis tricked me into thinking she’d won an Instagram contest for a manicure so I’d have fresh nails, a truly brilliant move. Cameron’s sister was in town that week, but he’d assured me over and over that, it wasn’t for anything in particular. Also, MY sister was in town that weekend, but again, just to come up and say hey post-quarantine. Yes, all of these things together were suspicious, but truth be told, we’d be talking about marriage since *September* so I’d basically stopped holding my breath. On Sunday morning, Cam told me we were going to brunch so I’d get fancy. He led me out to the backyard, and strewn about were beautiful flowers and tons of photos of us from some of our favorite memories: Europe, Mexico, Kings games, Lake Tahoe.

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Surrounded by moments I’ll never forget, my best friend in the entire world got down on one knee and professed his love for me, his desire to care for me and spend the rest of our lives together, and asked me to marry him. I cried like a baby, and said yes, yes, a million times yes. He presented me with the most gorgeous ring I have *ever* seen.

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Later on, we spent the afternoon with our families together, having tacos (our version of breaking bread) and bonding over the first day of the rest of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Jinjoo Song
 | Photographer