Olivia and Brian

Image 1 of Olivia and BrianHow We Met: Living across the bay from one another, Brian and I met on an online dating site, something we never thought we’d say! I was getting my teaching credential at the time, working three jobs and with persuasion gave online dating a shot- I was truly about to throw in the towel with the whole process, and then we had our first date on May 25, 2013. Brian’s assistant had helped him set up an online profile and he decided to give it one last shot too, after both having some pretty lame but entertaining attempts. I walked into the restaurant, saw him sitting at the bar rocking his vans and knew he looked just right for me. We talked at the restaurant for hours before even ordering food, driving our waiter insane, had pretty much a record setting best first date ever, and hung out the entire memorial day weekend. It was easy, exciting, and we both could not believe how well we got along and how perfect everything seemed be working out. After months of crossing the bay bridge, moving around schedules and lots of Bart and zip car; we have lived together happily since in San Francisco, CA.

Give it a chance, you really never now what may happen.

how they asked: Carmel was our first getaway as a couple so it has always been a special place. We planned a weekend trip to unwind before the crazy travels and plans of the holiday season. We left on a Friday and I pretty much skipped out of my classroom (I am a kindergarten teacher) ready for the weekend. We had a blast Friday night, woke up Saturday and went for a long walk and grabbed breakfast. Brian suggested we go get mani pedi’s (little did I know why my hands should look extra good) so we grabbed a bottle of champagne, found a salon with the game playing for B and relaxed. It was a lovely afternoon, we took a nap and got ready to go to our favorite restaurant for dinner. He wanted us to have a drink on the beach before heading out (something we do every trip to pay homage to our first time there when we drank wine on the beach and danced to Frank Sinatra).Image 2 of Olivia and Brian He rushed me out of the cottage so we didn’t miss sunset. I stopped to take a few pictures of the views because they were just gorgeous pinks and purples that night, and he shouted “cmon Liv, we’re losing daylight!” We made it, he had our Frank Sinatra song all qued up, we popped champagne and looked out at the sunset. IT was perfect. He said, ” I don’t know how this could be any more perfect, well there is one thing” and got down on one knee. I was completely shocked and sat on his knee and said yes! He told me there was one more surprise and we should head back up to town for our reservation ,I told him I didn’t know I could handle any more surprises! We walked into the bar next-door to our restuatrnt to grab a celebratory drink and heard shouts, “They’re here!!!” I looked around and saw both of our families, including our brothers who both live in LA, and I started sobbing. I was so joyfully overwhelmed it was like living a dream. When we all went into the restaurant our moms had placed a beautiful engagement basket on the table, there was champagne flowing, and it truly was the best night of my life.