Olivia and Brenton

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How We Met

Brenton and I met several years ago when I was still in college. We were outside of a local bar in Charlotte. I was in a cab leaving with my girlfriends when I saw him walk outside and run his fingers through his blonde hair (yes, it was that cheesy). I rolled down my window and shouted “Hey, blondie!” as my cab pulled off down the street. It took him a second to realize I was talking to him, and before I knew it he was chasing my cab all the way down the street to get my number. We texted the whole next day and realized that we knew a lot of the same people. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

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Brenton plays in the NFL and I am a blogger, so the only time we really get to travel is during his offseason. One of our favorite things to do during the offseason is going to Disney World! We landed in Orlando on Valentine’s Day and were exploring our hotel, the Waldorf Astoria, in our matching “Let’s Do This” shirts. I took a picture of Brenton at the bottom of the steps not knowing that a few hours later he would be proposing in that exact same spot!

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how they asked

We spent a few hours relaxing and then got ready to meet our friends for a drink at the hotel bar before dinner. Our friend, Michael, walked towards us with his super nice camera around his neck and I just remember thinking how he looked like such a tourist! But, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get a good picture, so I asked if we could step outside to take one. I fell right into their plan and had no idea!! We walked down the steps and I turned my back to pick out a spot for pictures by the flowers. When I turned back around to face them, Brenton was on one knee!

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I was so shocked and could not stop smiling- or putting my clutch in front of my face! I just kept saying “Are you serious?!” and was so happy that my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

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I can honestly say that I was completely surprised!! One of the best parts of the whole night was going back to call all of our family members and share the exciting news. Those were some of the most special moments of my life! I found out afterward that before the trip Brenton asked our friend Michael to check his big professional camera so that we could have these pictures! I thought that was so sweet for him to think of that because I had never even mentioned anything like that to Brenton. I am so thankful that we have these amazing pictures to look back on forever.

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Special Thanks

Michael Laine
 | Photographer