Olivia and Andy

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How We Met

I was living in my college town, working part-time on the side for extra money to cover my expenses. I became very close friends with one of my coworkers, and joined her out for a night on the town one night. This quickly turned into her having a little too much fun, and myself following behind her making sure she was okay. Later that night, our friend had decided that she just had to have pancakes, and that we just had to go. So, off to Denny’s we went. It was there that she told me she needed to call her best guy friend, and that he was so loyal and amazing that he would drop what he was doing to come join us. She was right, and the rest was history. We bonded over a mutual love for helping our friends, and so began one of the strongest friendships I’ve ever had. After years of being best friends, and companions, life had taken us in a few different directions. I moved out of town, and became a single mother. Andy was working more, and considering going back to school. But in that big time of change in our lives, the only thing that stayed the same was our adoration for each other. All the obstacles put aside, we decided that we could no longer ignore all of the signs that we should be together. We began a relationship in the shakiest of circumstances, and have never looked back. We’ve been together upwards of two years now, and I can’t imagine my or my daughters life without Andy.

how they asked

If you know me well at all, you know that when it comes to large gestures that put me in the spotlight, I am not exactly drawn to those circumstances. Andy loves to do things for other people and make them feel special. And it was common knowledge between the two of us that we wanted to be engaged relatively soon, so I had been a bit weary of what may have been coming. We had a trip planned to Orlando, Florida to visit some lifetime friends who had recently moved, and I was just sure that he was planning something for when we were in Disneyworld.

That all being said, on Saturday, October 28th, I woke up earlier than my daughter and Andy, to head to work. This was nothing new, I always work early morning shifts on Saturday. Andy had the day off, so he was going to be home with our daughter Violet. Throughout the day everything was normal; he sent me funny videos of her, kept me updated on how she was doing, and I kept busy in the office.

I had mentioned to him how tired l was and had wanted to take a nap when I got home at noon, and he had agreed, saying he would keep the baby up until I got home so she and I could both nap together. So when my shift ran about 45 minutes late, I was feeling a bit rushed.

I hurried home, and when I walked in the door, I had called out that I was home. Looking around to an empty living room, I heard whispers coming from the back of the house, to which Andy said to Violet, “Go get her!”

Violet, who’s almost two, cane running out of her room and met me in the hall. “Mama!” She said smiling.

I squatted low to swoop her up in a hug, but when she got up to me, she put a black box in my hand and smiled at me.

I looked down at it in disbelief, and up at Andy who was right behind me.

The rest is a blur. A huge, happy, emotional blur. But I opened the box to the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. And the rest, is history.

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