Olivia and Andrew

Image 1 of Olivia and Andrew

How We Met

We first met in kindergarten and were friends right away. After a three years he changes schools and we lost touch until meeting again in high school. We became each others best friends and eventually after failed relationships with other people, started dating in university.

how they asked

Shortly after our five year anniversary we booked a trip to Europe for a course he was taking in Dublin, and decided we’d go to Italy. In Florence he suprised me with an organised Treasure hunt (which we ended up winning!) and as we were walking towards the piazza de la republica still excited about winning he stopped me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (!!!). I was in complete shock and can’t even remember everything he said! Luckily he arranged to have a photographer there and capture everything!

Image 2 of Olivia and Andrew

Image 3 of Olivia and Andrew

Image 4 of Olivia and Andrew

Special Thanks

Davide Mandolini
 | Photographer