Olivia and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I met by pure luck in November of 2018. I was in nursing school at the time and became close friends with one of the girls who was temporarily living in West Virginia at the time due to her husband’s work. Her permanent home was in Texas, and last minute she asked if I would like to join her in Texas for Thanksgiving. So, we set out on a two-day road trip to Texas to visit her family. Adam Jr. is her nephew who also happened to be rained out from work during the one single day that we were able to spend in Texas. I met Adam Jr. originally in his parents’ home where his first words to me were “welcome to sweet tea and good manners.” He’s so cheesy! We had a large family dinner that night, and Adam and I hit it off very well as if we’d never been strangers. We had to leave the next morning, and Adam and I held a long distance relationship for almost a year from that point on. I believe our long distance made our relationship as strong as it is today. We’ve been in love with each other since day one.

How They Asked

We had done a long-distance for almost one year after we met each other. I lived in West Virginia and he lived in Texas. Once I moved to Texas we got settled in our own home and soon started preparing for our first Christmas together in our new home. Adam hired a secret photographer to follow us around while I thought we were simply picking our Christmas tree out. Little did I know he was secretly capturing the perfect moment. As he got down on one knee I thought he was just getting down to cut the tree! I didn’t realize what he was doing until he took me by my hand and asked if I would marry him! I was so shocked, and of course, said yes!

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