Olivia and Aaron

How We Met

We met in high school, when Aaron was a senior and I was a sophomore. A mutual friend introduced us at her party because she thought we would make a good couple but we disagreed. Fast forward four years later and we reconnected through social media and have been together for five years!

how they asked

Image 1 of Olivia and AaronMy mom was in town and we had made plans to spend some time together on my next day off from work. Aaron also knew I had a day off from work coming up, so he asked me to go on a hike. I asked my mom if I could hang out with her another day instead because it was supposed to be absolutely gorgeous out and it would be a perfect day for a hike. My mom told me I should go on the hike, she had something come up anyways. Little did I know, they had planned this all. Aaron picked me up the morning of the hike and we drove to Rattlesnake Ridge in Snoqualmie (30 minutes East of Seattle). As we were making our way up to the top, I asked Aaron what was in his backpack because it was packed completely full. He told me that it was just stuff he packed in case of an emergency, so I let it go. When we arrived at the ridge, we ate our lunches and enjoyed the breath taking view. About a half hour later, I asked Aaron if he was ready to head back down, he said he wanted to take a couple more minutes. He finally opened his back pack, got down on one knee and leaned in close. That was when he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I said, YES! To celebrate, Aaron had brought my favorite champagne to toast our next big adventure together! It was the most magical day! Image 2 of Olivia and Aaron