Oliva and Eric

How We Met

We had both been invited to a mutual friends birthday party about 2 hr away from the town we both lived in. Since so many people were planning on staying the night after the party, the host suggested that if we wanted a bed we would have to share! So there I was sharing a bed with a stranger for two nights over the weekend! (Come to find out he had actually been at my sister’s wedding three years prior and we had been briefly introduced.) We had been the first ones to arrive at the party as we were helping set up so we spent a lot of time getting to know each other.

how they asked

I actually proposed to Eric on leap day in 2016. As leap days are the “one time” it’s “okay” for a woman to ask a man to marry them. We were watching tv and I turned to Eric and said; “ I know we haven’t known each other very long but I know I want to know you the longest of anyone I’ve ever met. I was wondering if you would marry me?” He responded “Are you being serious right now?” I then filled him in on the whole leap day thing and said “So, will you?” And of course he said “sure.” Two months later Eric bought me my engagement/wedding ring and asked me in the car while I was driving if I was sure I wanted to marry him because he was sure he wanted to marry me and when we arrived at our destination he presented me with the gorgeous ring I so proudly wear to remind myself how truly lucky I am.