Olga and Paul

Every weekend that Olga comes to visit, we hike her favorite trail at Fryman Canyon. We always take a selfie at this one location with a great view and end the hike with brunch.

Paul and Olga 12

After a year of countless plane rides between New York and Los Angeles, I couldn’t say goodbye again. This weekend I worked with an event planner from Chain of Events and we coordinated an amazing surprise. On this Sunday hike, I would ask her to marry me. When we got to our usual selfie spot, I had a 48 foot banner made to say “Olga Will You Marry Me”. The sign was unfolded when we had our backs turned and when she saw the selfie, she saw the sign…

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There was a photographer and videographer there catching every moment. When we got to the bottom of the hill, our family was there to congratulate us and join us for brunch!

Event planner: Rachel Fishman