Olga and Paul

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Point Reyes

How We Met

I met Paul at my best friend’s engagement party for the first time in person in May 2016. I was the maid of honor and he was the best man. A couple of weeks later he dm me on IG and we started talking then on the 4th of July he pretended he was running out of data and asked for my number. later that month we went on out 1st official date. On August 22nd, 2016 he finally asked me to be his GF after a romantic country movie.

How They Asked

On August 22nd, 2019 we were on a road trip celebrating our 3 year anniversary. We took many road trips during our years together so nothing seemed out of norms. During the drive, my friends would snap me/call me/ and even txt me that today I will get engaged. I laughed it off just like I always did and he even smiled and acted normal. We got to the coast of California and took a little stroll and then I kept on insisting there are snakes in the bushes and to turn around. So we did, apparently, he was going to propose there.

Then we got to the beach and took a stroller there but I yet again complained about how it’s too cold and a far walk and so we turned around (2nd spot I flaked). So we finally got to the last destination the Point Reyes lighthouse. Except it was under construction, so we just looked at the beautiful California coast. He then insisted on going down the pathway even closer to the edge I agreed. We hung out there a bit and then I said let’s go back already since it was super windy there. He said a little bit longer so I’m like okay fine we can take some pictures.

Olga and Paul's Engagement in Point Reyes

So I sat my phone down for self-timer (something we always do) and we took the pic. He insisted to retake so he can take off his sunglasses. I agreed. As I was walking back and ready to hug him for the picture he starts getting on his knee, I thought he was falling so I kept on saying what is going on get up. Then he took out the ring and gave his speech. It finally hit me when I saw the ring and realized what is going on so I started balling my eyes out. I was in so much shock since he was never able to suprise me in anything. I’m a big snoop I always find out about everything except for this. The whole time I kept on telling him to get up and why I and he was like can you answer. I was so shocked I couldn’t even look at the ring.

Olga's Proposal in Point Reyes

After 30 min he finally got up and then we hugged and cried for another 45 min and then I finally answered, YES!!!! Afterward, we went to go eat in Napa and the whole way I felt nauseous, hot and couldn’t even eat when we got to the restaurant. He, on the other hand, was grubbing like crazy hahaha. It truly was one of the best days of my life! Afterward, he said how did your friends know wow they are real friends since he did not tell anyone about the proposal. No one even knew he bought the ring except for his nephew who went with him a couple of months back to pick it out.

The ring is stunning don’t get me started on that, love the elegance of it, how shiny it is, how it’s unique and how he picked it out all himself. I didn’t ever tell him what ring I liked because they all looked good to me and plus I’m not a bling person. The ring is 14K 1.03 diamond white gold cathedral style with halo underneath the diamond. Ahh, the butterflies the feeling it was so real! For a whole week, I had no appetite I was on cloud 9. I love him so much! My true soulmate, my best friend, he’s my first and last bf! So now our wedding is planned for August 22nd, 2020. It will forever be our date August 22nd!