Olga and Ivan

How We Met

Me and Ivan met in the university, when both came to China for studying Chinese. First we were classmates, and we practically didn’t communicate with each other and then after 8 months he passed the first note,but I thought he was just joking, after some time I’ve decided to give him a chance, we went to the park together and there was one of our first unforgettable moments together- it was our first kiss! It was so embarrassing and we were so happy about that moment! After that we started dating, and it was the 1st of May 2015 year. After one year studying Chinese my boyfriend entered the university and he could stay in China for 3 years more getting his master’s degree, as for me I planned to leave China after one year of studying language, but when I met him, something has changed in my plans, I found a job in China and decided to stay with him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in It was in the romantic restaurant

Engagement Proposal Ideas in It was in the romantic restaurant

Then, during our summer vacations we went to Thailand for traveling with his friend and my friend. It was a great, full of adventures trip, but it was my twenty third birthday, when we had a huge fight, I thought he didn’t prepare any gift for me and just brought some wild flowers, first I didn’t know how difficult is to find flowers in Thailand! So, he missed my birthday party, we didn’t talk with each other about 3 days,and I was going to break up our relations, then he found such beautiful roses and rent a bike for me! He made excuses and took me to a very romantic date by bike during the night, and it was our last night there…Next day we had a flight, we both went to Russia, but to different cities. We didn’t see each other for a month and then in autumn, we both went back to China, rented a flat and started living together. Since that time, passed practically 2 years and we’ve never broken up relations again, even for 3 days???

Where to Propose in It was in the romantic restaurant

how they asked

Since that time, we are still living in China, but during our winter and summer vacations we go back home or usually go traveling. This winter we went to Bali island, it was a very romantic and beautiful trip! There we had a love story photo session on the beach, I was in a beautiful white dress, like a bride! After that time, we went back to Russia together in February. Then there was the most romantic holiday for all the sweethearts, St. Valentine’s Day. My Ivan invited me to the restaurant with such a romantic atmosphere!

There were candles, red wine, live music, violin. It was a wonderful and beautiful place for the special case! After the delicious dinner and some wine we were taking and then he told me to close my eyes. When I opened my eyes, he was on one knee with the most beautiful engagement ring! I was very surprised, and full of tears, but on the photo there are no my emotions, cause it was made in some minutes after the proposal, he didn’t ask any special photographer but it was like we were the only in the whole universe…then there was a photographer in the restaurant, he saw a ring and told: “You have an event today, isn’t it?

My congrats!” Then he asked my boyfriend to drop on one knee again and he made this photo. Ivan knew it was a special moment for me, cause I was dreaming about it since the time we started living together. Now it’s true, I’m the happiest person in the world, because of him….my best man and my lovely future husband!