Olga and Edgar

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How We Met

We first met at Hunter College in a math class. I first notice him because another student had taken my usual seat and the only other seat available was the one next to his. As per usual group work was given to the class and as we broke off into pairs, I selected to work with a different partner. As I and my partner were carrying on our conversation in Spanish, my now fiance over heard a joke that was said and started laughing. At that moment I turned around and began talking to him. His laugh was great and totally drew me to notice him. Although never sat next to each other again in class, we began to meet up after class and help each other with homework and class assignments which eventually lead to a first date and kiss.

how they asked

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and have always wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Last year he surprised me with a trip to Orlando and Universal Studios. I was seriously excited just to be going to Universal. As I entered through the walls of Diagon Alley I was greeted by a great dragon that sits atop the Gringotts bank replica in the middle of the Alley way. I was overcome with excitement and immediately requested a picture of us there. As soon as we posed to get our picture taken by a friendly passerby, he turned me around, took my hand a got down on one knee.. at that moment I couldn’t believe what was happening!!! I started crying and obviously said yes.. Looking back at the video I didn’t even notice that a group of people passing by had stopped to watch and then began to clap afterwards. It was truly a magical moment for us that day.

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