Olaide and Olamilekan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At Hampton by Hilton Hotel Newcastle

how they asked

Me and my boyfriend, were supposed to go to Newcastle to visit my family on my birthday weekend and we were supposed to travel on the 6th which was a Friday and be back on Sunday but my fiancé had insisted we came back on Saturday, so we can have a little get together for my birthday at my home in Luton. Which I was against but he sort of made me agree to it, although I was feeling iffy about that idea which made me sort of copped on that something might happen on my birthday since he had insisted on a little party. So I had my nails and hair done before we travelled and he had also been so secretive with his phone for like a day or two before our departure date, e.g chatting with someone and tilting his phone so u don’t see his message, and I kept asking why he is hiding his phone and been soo dodgy but he usually just say something to keep me quiet knowing inquisitive and most self it was so hard for him to hide something away from me for days but he did after all. On getting to the hotel we checked in normally and he opened the room door when I saw balloons and petals I was moved and I hugged him to say thank you cuz I thought he was only being cute and romantic. Then on entering the room I saw my little sister Ife #shoutout To her# and I screamed and in between been surprised to see her, my attention went to what was written on the bed. Read: will you marry me. My full reaction is in the video.

how they asked: I quote- “I was wondering how you are going to introduce me to your dad today, and I don’t want you to be like dad meet my boyfriend, it sounds somehow. So can you pls introduce me as your fiancé.” Amidst tears, I said yes, I would.

Olaide and Olamilekan's Engagement in At Hampton by Hilton Hotel Newcastle

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