Ola and James

How We Met

I was going through some troubles in my life and my mum recommend that I go see a psychic she saw who is meant to be amazing. My mum recorded the session and she told me in 6 months I will meet my soul mate and he will be much younger than you but he has the same personality as you, is everything you want in a man and you will be happy for the rest of your life if you choose to be with this guy. She went onto say that I will have a choice to be with him or because of his age you will discard him and be with someone else however if you choose someone else you will always come third in the relationship after himself, career/money with no care for you or the children you have with him. If you choose to be with the man who is younger than you, you will be forever happy as he is your one soul mate. I didn’t read into this too much as I was very skeptical and continued with my life in the months following.

Ola and James's Engagement in On top of a ski slope in Vancouver

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On top of a ski slope in Vancouver

One day I randomly get a message on Facebook from this guy called James out of nowhere and because I play golf as a hobby he offered to meet up with me to give me golf lessons for free as he is in the PGA and needs to give some lessons to add to his experience. I said yes and we agreed to meet up at a driving range, I stood him up and never showed up to the driving range because god knows what reason I had and he was waiting there for me and I never showed up or told him I wasn’t going to come.

A week later he messages me and says do you want to give this another try? he had guts to message me after I stood him up so I said yes. I met up with him and he was very cute but didn’t think much of it as I got out of a recent relationship and only wanted to focus on myself. In general, conversation as the lesson was going, I asked him how old he was (completely forgetting about the psychic at this point) and he told me he was 25 and at the time I was 26. The lesson ended and he offered to give me some more lessons and every week we met up at the same spot for him to give me some amazing golf lessons.

I offered to buy him dinner because of these free lessons he was giving me and at dinner, he slipped up and told me he was 23 and I was like ok 3 years younger that’s not too bad. I also learned our birthdays were 1 day apart mine is on the 19th of December and he is the 20th of December, maybe this was a reason we got along so well.

3 months later we had been going out for golf, dinners and hanging out more frequently. I stayed over at his one night and he left his passport out on his table. I opened it up to have a look at his passport photo (because most of us have embarrassing passport photos and this guy is totally cute so surely he would have a bad passport photo). His birthdate read “20/12/1993” I had to do the math in my head but his age was certainly not 23, in fact, he was SIX years YOUNGER than me. I was 26 and he was 20! I had to think to myself, do I continue seeing this guy because he is so young and put myself back on the market or do I give him a chance and trust are undeniable and incredible connections we have towards each other?

I wasn’t mad at all, I was just really shocked and the reason I wasn’t mad was that I had already developed strong feelings for him. I asked him about it when he finished work and he said the reason he couldn’t tell me his age was 1. he has golf clients who are in the 40 age bracket if they found out he was 20 they wouldn’t have taken him seriously and 2. if he told me his age I would have probably never given him a chance. I decided to go with my gut feeling and to continue seeing him but because I tell my mum everything (she is my best friend) I didn’t know how she would react to this news or if she would even approve.

I nervously grabbed my phone to tell her the news, scared of what she would say. I told her his age and she couldn’t stop laughing. This wasn’t the reaction I was expecting at all and asked her “What’s so funny?”

She said “Remember when we went to see the psychic 6 months ago and she said you would meet your soul mate? sounds like you have met him”. What she said all came flooding back to me, I could not believe how accurate she was about everything! and the rest is history. 6 and a half years later we moved in together, got a dog called Romeo, went on a TV show together, moved to Canada, travelled North America for the past 2 years, lived in a travel trailer for 7 months & now James has asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I still cannot wait!!!!

How They Asked

Prior to James asking, I always wanted a Brilliant Earth ring however never told him about it (he’s never seen me snooping for one on Instagram or saving photos from them, he would have had never known about it) For some crazy reason he had booked in a consultation to have a look at rings at a Brilliant Earth showroom and when he told me my heart stopped, I was so excited we were not only going to look at rings but look at rings from Brilliant Earth!

In our consultation, we had designed a ring from scratch and built a dream ring. James said because we had been traveling around in a trailer across the states for the past few months it would be impossible to get that ring we designed to be delivered but it was a “fun experience”.

My heart broke as James took me to other ring shops inside malls because the ring we had designed together was out of this world. A few months had passed and forgot about the idea of James proposing. We had to go back to Canada as our American trailer journey was coming to an end & as we had moved to Canada previously from Australia for a 2 years holiday and had to sell our Canadian car back there before moving back to Australia.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On top of a ski slope in Vancouver

I got a message from a videographer I know a day before I arrived in Vancouver. He shoots for local companies in Vancouver and asked if I could be in a video for this ski mountain. I said yes. He said if James would be interested in shooting in it as well as they would ideally like a couple for this. I said sure! We had organized to do this shoot for Sunday and I told James about it and he was excited as he loves to ski.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On top of a ski slope in Vancouver

On Sunday, we all went up to the Mountain, Michael the videographer, took some videos of us and then wanted to finish the shoot at the end of the day at the top of the mountain to watch the sunset.

I saw some people in ski gear staring out watching the sunset but it was so cold, I was thinking how could they all just be standing here right now! what is wrong with them. At this point, I was freezing and honestly couldn’t wait to get off the mountain. I secretly hated Michael at this point as I was like surely he has all these good shots already, let’s just go home!

Proposal Ideas On top of a ski slope in Vancouver

Michael said he wanted one last shot of us walking to the edge of the mountain, so as we were staring out into what seemed to be nothingness as the fog was strong that early evening, James got down on one knee, pulled out the ring he told me he couldn’t get & asked me to marry him. I was frozen at this point as well as frozen with my emotions as I could NOT believe what was happening. The people who were watching the sunset all cheered and clapped for us which was so sweet.

It wasn’t until I realized these people were all of our close friends with including my childhood friend and James organized this whole entire day! from getting Michael to message me on Instagram, to the getting the Brilliant Earth ring we designed delivered to one of my best girlfriends Cassie’s house and never told me, to organizing all of our friends to be there! We skied down together, down to the mountain lodge where we were greeted by even more of our friends!

It was a truly special moment that we will never forget for the rest of our lives and we are so excited to get married in 2021!!

Our Video

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Michael Fitz
 | Videographer
Rory Sanderson
 | Photographer