Oksana and Val

How We Met

Freshman year of high school. Sitting on a bench under a tree, eating a cup of noodle for lunch, as he walks up. I thought he was cute from the first time I saw him. Little did I know why he actually approached the bench. He liked my friend at that time. So I did not give it another thought. We became the best group of friends and I could not see us as more than friends. Fast forward to senior year, I was leaving a semester early and we became super close. After graduating, we spent more time together than ever before. Little did I know, we were both falling for each other. Now I cannot imagine my life without him.

how they asked

AHHHHH! Where do I begin? My older sister and I have always gone to concerts for our birthdays. So, she planned a surprise concert for my 21st. Knowing this, my fiance and I celebrated my birthday the day before. My actual birthday, my sister and I spent the day shopping, and got our nails done. Once we got home, she told me to pack my bags and that our concert was in Lake Tahoe, and that we would be staying one night there. Excited, I packed fast and we were on our way. Ten minutes prior to arriving, she had be blindfolded so I would not see the “billboard” stating who we were going to see. As I sat in the car jamming out to Disney songs, (she has a video of me dancing blindfolded and singing, trust me), she got out and opened the door for me. The moment I was outside, I knew we were not at a concert. It was so quiet, with distance birds chirping away. Led through a pathway, she stopped me, and instructed me to take my blindfold off. As my eyes opened, I saw before me all my amazing friends and family. We were inside a beautiful cabin, balloons and flowers everywhere, dinner table set up. Hugging them all and super excited I did not even notice the screen and projector set up. Playing was a homemade video my fiance had made of all my family members, nephews and nieces wishing me a happy birthday. Crying and bursting with joy, I watched as the last person on the video, Val, told me how much he loved me and wished me a happy birthday. He stated he had one more surprise for me and that the girls will show me where it is. Upon this statement, my sister led me to a door. She pushed me out and closed the door behind me. In front of me were rose petals and hundreds of candles. As I walked along the balcony of the cabin, I saw him standing there, handsome as every. He stumbled a little during his speech and made me laugh, I said yes when he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, as the sun set, candles swayed in the wind and water glistened. He shouted with joy, and at this sign all our family and friends ran out to join us. We stayed at the cabins for 3 days, in our own personal bubble of love and bliss. We could not have been more happier.