Oksana and Igor

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How We Met

Igor – We met back in high school, i was a senior and she was a sophomore. It was specifically criminal justice class that we met in. I sat right behind her as she was in the front right corner of the room. As i walked in on the first day of that class, she was already sitting there smiling and being all nice and innocent. I basically knew then and there that she liked me and was attracted but i on the other hand was not looking for anything of that nature, dating or “courtship” per say. I was simply going to my classes everyday and just trying to get through high school.

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From that day, she would always greet me and ask how I’m doing, basically that typical “starter pack” conversation goer and i would just reply bluntly that I’m good and how she is and that was that for me. Oksana – I met him in high school, I was a sophomore and he was a senior. I thought he was cute when I saw him the first day in class and hoped we would sit next to each other. Thankfully, the teacher put us in alphabetical order and he ended up sitting right behind me! It took awhile for him to realize he needs me in his life, so I thought to myself, “it’s okay, he’ll like me eventually”. In a way I had moved on and I was doing my thing and meeting new people. It wasn’t until his friends started noticing me that he realized he needs to make a move before he looses me forever. The rest is history.

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how they asked

Two years ago he planned a date for us to go to Yankee Candle, dinner, and bright nights – it was simple but one of my favorite dates with him because we had such a great time. I wanted to go to Yankee Candle again because of that, so we made plans to go the 28th and kind of repeat the date; but instead of Bright Nights I wanted to go to Winter Re-imagined in a botanic garden. With those plans, I was somewhat suspicious but decided not to think anything of it just to not get my hopes up. Our day consisted of making breakfast together, smelling every single candle at Yankee Candle and getting our favorite; after I asked “what’s next?!”. He told me that he actually never looked into Winter Re-imagined, but he thought we could check out this one spot with a peninsula view at the Quabbin.

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Once he said that, all suspicion went out the door because it was like any other nice date we do so I didn’t think anything of it at that point. We get there at sunset, admire the view, and then he tells me to take some pictures. I left my phone in the car so I told him he can just send me his and he told me he had low memory space and to go get it(I have so many pictures of the Quabbin, I didn’t get why he kept insisting). So I came back and asked him to take the panoramic shot because I suck at them and it was cold. He pretended to take a phone call and waved me off mouthing, “just take the picture”. SO I”m like ..okaaayyy, I’ll take the picture… I didn’t notice he stopped talking and turn around to show him the picture and THERE HE WAS on his knee with the ring out!

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I was completely shocked and so so happy. It was so cute, he tried to do a speech but he was so nervous and kept mixing up his words lol so I did him a favor and just said yes. I laugh every time I think of that moment.

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