Ofelia and David

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How We Met

OFELIA: I will never forget the night David and I met. I love telling our story because it almost feels like something straight out of a movie, or at least I’d like to think so. Lets just say the way we met, you only see in movies and just like Rihanna’s song says; we found love in a hopeless place. David and I met back in October of 2015. I was invited on a girl’s night out and to celebrate my friend’s birthday. Truthfully that night I was so exhausted I almost didn’t make it out, but it was my really good friend’s birthday that I couldn’t refuse. We ended up going to Latin nights at Senor Frogs here in Las Vegas. We arrived around 12 am (yes ppl party late in Vegas) but soon after a friend in our group suggested we’d go over to the Hard Rock Casino to meet up a few of her friends at a party. We all agreed, and so we went. Funny story, when we got there they didn’t let us in. We all decided we should just go to a spot close by, but once more, that didn’t work out. The place we picked had a very long line and we didn’t want to wait. By this time I was so tired and more ready to go home, but I knew for these ladies the night was not over yet and they were not about to let me go home either. We ended up going back to Senor Frogs and never did I imagine after this night my life was about to be changed forever.

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We get back to Senor Frogs and we all danced for a while together…but slowly everyone started going their own ways, and I was left alone. A few minutes later went by when out of nowhere I felt someone roughly get pushed right into me (Didn’t know this at the time but turns out David had asked one of the girls in our group to dance, she accepted, but her boyfriend had just shown up looking for her and she panicked, see’s me standing there by myself and what does she do? Pushes David right into me, True story! Thank you for that). I was very confused at what had just happened and I completely froze. I looked up at him; David had a big smile on his face (I always tell him his smile is what got me and of course I thought he was very cute) I was immediately attracted to him especially with that big handsome smile he gave me. Everything happened so fast but in that moment, it now felt like it was just me and him there. I don’t think we even realized, how slowly we were dancing, just circling the dance floor and lost in conversation.

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Although I instantly liked him I didn’t think much of this, especially after knowing he lived out in California, but something about David that night was special and some how I could already tell he had an amazing heart! I knew the night was almost over although I’ll admit I didn’t want it to end…we only had spent about two hours together but it was enough for him to give me butterflies. I honestly really didn’t think I’d ever see him again but before leaving David asked for my number and I almost didn’t give it to him, but I’m very happy I did! It also helped David was a little persistent. That very same night after we said good night, David sent me a really nice text and from there on you can say our journey began. I know I might sound cheesy but in my heart I truly believe God had this planned for us and brought our paths together. Looking back at this night it’s crazy how many circumstances could have prevented us from meeting but I believe that’s just the way things had to be so we could meet. Never in a million years did I imagine on this day I’d meet the man that would make my world better, become my best friend, partner in crime and be the love of my life. There’s not a day that goes by I’m not thankful with God for this amazing man he placed in my path and for David to have chosen me as his life long partner.

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DAVID: From the very first day I met Ofelia to our very first dates, I knew there was something very different and special about her. I live in Ventura, CA so when we first started dating I remember driving out to Vegas to see her, and every time we’d meet, I was amazed not only by her beauty but also for her amazing personality. As everyone already knows, Vegas is known for its many chapels to elope, so every time I saw Ofelia it was such a great feeling to be with her, that I would jokingly ask her to “marry me”. Ofelia would just laugh and jokingly respond, “I don’t see a ring on my finger Mr…” From that point on I knew she was a woman to be taken and treated seriously. As time went by we had a lot of amazing and some bad moments, but we always managed to stay in touch even with the distance. Although at times I doubted if a long distance relationship would work, and I struggled with it in the beginning, months continued to go by and I opened up my heart more than ever before…and my feelings for Ofelia grew stronger each day. Ofelia always had a way of showing me what a wonderful and amazing heart she has. I knew I couldn’t let go of an opportunity to be with such a great person, and by this time our relationship had grew stronger. I knew in my heart more and more that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, and I couldn’t spend more time being long distance and without her… so it was time to take our relationship to the next level and I decided to finally “put a ring on it.” Finding the ring was tougher than I thought it would be.

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I probably made it tougher on myself than it should have been, but I am a perfectionist and I wanted Ofelia to have a ring that not only she would love but be proud to wear (although she did always say she would love it no matter what). I had a good idea of the type of ring Ofelia would love from some previous conversations, but after going to many jewelry shops, researching online and comparing many rings, I couldn’t make up my mind. I just couldn’t find “the ring”, I knew she would love. I wanted it to be perfect and I just couldn’t find it anywhere. Time was going by and I didn’t want to spend months and months looking for it. One day in conversation (not sure if she did it on purpose or not) Ofelia was telling me about her co-worker getting her ring customized in a jewelry store out in Summerlin (another city near Vegas) so this gave me the idea and I knew I had to give it a try, before I decided on a ring. By this I already had a ring on hold here in Ventura. I contacted Dave Padgett with D&R house of Diamonds in Summerlin and took advantage of a trip I was taking to see Ofelia to talk to him. It was such a relief when I got there. I was shown how easy it was to just customize a ring and make it exactly how I wanted. We scheduled another appointment to meet two weeks later and finalize the ring. In two weeks I was back again to Vegas, but I didn’t tell Ofelia I’d be there earlier. Instead I told her a little white lie id be arriving to Vegas at a certain time to see her, when in reality I was actually getting there two hours earlier to finalize everything. lol Finallyyyy! Now I had to wait a couple weeks as it goes through the process of being made and be delivered to my house in California. Never did I think I would end up getting the ring in Nevada when living in California. I now anxiously had to wait and once the ring arrived to my house, I was excited but now I knew the hardest part was next. Now to plan the proposal, how was I going to propose, and where would I do it…

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How I Asked

I thought choosing the ring was a bit stressful but yet exciting, but I had no idea the actual proposal would be on a higher level. Since we live apart, we didn’t get to see each other often, so preparing a date and time was not easy. Just as wanting to choose the right ring for her, choosing the right place to propose would also be as important to me. By this, Ofelia would fly out more often to see me, so I knew Vegas was out of the picture to propose, and that was fine by me. I didn’t just want to do it right away, I needed to plan it first. It was difficult when she came to see me the next couple times. I would have to hide the ring from her, and I didn’t want the ring just sitting in its box anymore. I wanted to be engaged to Ofelia more than ever. First, I thought doing it in Santa Barbara CA, which we frequently visited and both enjoyed, but I wanted to make new memories in a place that would be new to us both. Moving forward, my birthday was approaching in September.

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We decided we both wanted to take a trip together. We really hadn’t traveled anywhere besides back and forth from Cali to Vegas and Ofelia wanted to do something very special for my Birthday (little did she know it would be more special than just my B-day) so we decided on a trip to San Francisco. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and propose there. I felt like it was happening for a reason and the timing was just right, plus I was already anxious knowing the ring was just hidden in my room for some time now… I started looking around at different spots in San Fran for proposal locations, and I came across a famous scenic view overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge called, “Battery Spencer.” As much as I tried getting directions to it, I was still a bit unsure how I would actually find it and what day out of the 3 days we’d be there, would I actually propose? We drove to San Fran on Friday, Sept 9th on my Birthday, so I knew it wouldn’t be on “My day”. I wanted to make the proposal just about her. This was a trip of many first for us; first time taking a trip together, staying at an Airbnb, spending my birthday together and first night out in the San Francisco city. That first night we got there we went out to celebrate my birthday, this was a very unexpected and weird night but that’s a story for another time. The next day I thought I was ready! Finally, I had the perfect spot picked out, but of course, being such a big moment things didn’t exactly go as I had planned. We got up late and Ofelia without knowing ended up changing all my plans…she wanted to go eat at a place one of her friends had recommended which took forever to find. We ate, hung out there for a bit and it just started getting late and I realized this day was not going to be “the day,” so I made an excuse to go back to the room and told her I needed a different jacket for the evening just in case it got colder at night, but truthfully I needed to hide the ring once again. After, we decided to visit all the places we wanted to see. We had a great evening enjoying the city, but by the end of the night I was feeling a bit discourage, knowing we only had 1 day left. Since we don’t live close to each other I didn’t know when I would have another opportunity so I knew it had to be the next morning. I told Ofelia that night I really wanted to drive by the Golden Gate Bridge and see a couple more spots, and we had to wake up early, she agreed.

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That morning (Sept 11th of all days) I was excited, nervous and determined it was the day. Ofelia wanted to eat first again lol but I told her we needed to get through the Bridge early to avoid traffic (I couldn’t go another day lost looking for a place to eat again) This day was different than the last, it was cold, overcast and windy, not the greatest day weather wise, but it actually worked in my favor as I needed a place to hide the ring box and it only fit in my big jacket. Everything was set, the only thing missing was finding the spot. We drove through the bridge (I don’t know what the big deal is but okay) I was trying to keep my cool as Ofelia normally can tell when I am getting anxious or nervous. We crossed the bridge and the GPS took me to another location that was not Battery Spencer. I started to get impatient and I told Ofelia this wasn’t the place my sister recommended (that was an excuse I gave her to go to the spot). I then noticed a few cars going up a hill and we followed. Finally we found it but Ofelia without knowing that’s where it was, points out how pretty the view looked up there and we should go! Parking was hard to find so we parked a bit far from there. It took us about 10- 15 minutes to walk there or in my mind felt like an hour. As we got closer I can see a crowd of people from a distance. I was getting really nervous and for a moment felt a little scared my plan wouldn’t work out. As we got closer I started praying in my mind as I am a strong believer in prayer, just trying to stay calm and not give it away to Ofelia that something was off with me. I started to get nervous there wouldn’t be a nice spot to propose as I saw a lot of people when we drove by but as we walked up I could see a group of people leaving and a lot of room for us. (I didn’t want people to be in the way of our pictures) As Ofelia one day shared she really wanted if we ever got engaged for the moment to be captured in pictures or video. A lot of thoughts raced through my head and I was just hoping I could at least find someone who I could ask to take a picture as I proposed. Like many times and situations in our relationship, we have always felt from the moment we met that things for us are always happening for a reason, and that God had a plan for us. This day and weekend was no different. As we got there we enjoyed the view of the ocean and bridge, of course took some selfies and enjoyed the moment. To my surprise near us was a couple taking pictures. The man had a camera and a tripod so I thought to myself, “that’s perfect”! This guy looks like a pro!” I didn’t hesitate any longer and told Ofelia I would ask that man to take a picture of us. I grabbed her cannon and walked up to him and asked; can you take a picture of me and my girlfriend? He agreed, then in a low voice I said, I am going to propose, can you take couple pictures?” He again agreed, but this time with a nod. I handed him the camera and walked back to where Ofelia was standing looking beautiful as always. I don’t know what she was thinking or if she suspected anything but it was time!

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As we stood and posed for a few pictures with my arm around her just to make sure it wasn’t obvious. Finally one more time, I took a deep breath, turned around to face her and with a confused look on her face I said, “Mi amor, I love you with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I reached into my pocket and got down on one knee and said “will you marry me?” I could see her face getting emotional and teary eyes and she said, yes!!

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Everything came full circle; I put the ring on her finger (just like she said I needed to do when I would joke to marry her in a chapel in Vegas, when we first started dating) we hugged, kissed and were excited and emotional. For a moment it felt like it was just her and I and no one else was around, we even forgot the camera man was still taking pictures. We were finally engaged! Even though things didn’t go as I planned in the beginning, and with it being the last day of our trip and the crazy weather with so many unexpected things that happened, I’m very thankful in the end it all worked out…even better than I could have imagined or planned.

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From the time I met Ofelia, to the day of the proposal, our journey hasn’t always been easy, but with a lot of love, patience, prayer and understanding; we are together, engaged and in love! This is still the beginning of our love story. I am thankful to God and my family for their support and I can’t wait for our next and most important chapter, Our Wedding, this coming summer July 29, 2017. Ofelia asked me if I would be willing to write this story…I normally don’t share my emotions publicly, but like everything else. I love her and want her to always be happy, as she deserves the world and more! I am looking forward to our wedding, our life together and the many great, funny, unexpected and amazing moments that will come…and I will continue this love story with the love of my life.

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