Odile A. and Hector

How We Met

They say that good things come to those that wait. We say that good things come to those that pray and patiently learn to wait. We both had “our list” of what we wanted in our future partner. We had been waiting and praying for “the one” to enter our lives after many years of being single.

On the last day of March 2018, on Hector’s last day in his job at T-mobile, I entered the store, waited for my turn to be helped and as I waited I started to sing and dance to the song playing in the background “Vine a Buscarte (“I came to get you”)” (fate or what?). Even though Hector was supposed to end his shift, he was intrigued and decided that I would be his last customer. It was an hour full of high fives, smiles and “me too’s.” It was a natural connection, all as if we were meant to be. By the end, he asked if I would go on a date, and I said yes. Two days later, he called me to properly ask me out. I was totally impressed that he called rather than text.

The first date almost didn’t happen as he accidentally gave me the wrong address, but the second date was a confirmation that we had found “whom my soul loves” as we shared the magic in the sky as we saw Disney’s fireworks from up high in the Orlando Eye. Since that moment, we knew we wanted to be together. We went on other dates, but in Disney’s Magic Moonlight in the Animal Kingdom, as we watched a light show, Hector asked me to be his girlfriend. From early on, we spoke about a future together and seeing the world together.

In fact, five months into the relationship we were ready to get married (we just knew we wanted to be together forever), but we had to overcome our shares of difficult moments from my unexpected surgery, job changes and our parents’ illnesses, including my dad being diagnosed with cancer. Hector was so understanding and accepting of the fact that I was my parents’ main caregiver. His kindness and unconditional love towards me even with my peculiar situation affirmed to me that I wanted to forever share my life with him. Through all the unusual challenges we faced, there was no other person we rather have by our side than each other. We found that through all the adversity our love for each other grew deeper and deeper.

Even at life’s most trialing time, life was easier because we had one another and we had fun while at it. We made sure we found ways to keep dating and plan trips together when possible. Once my dad was done with his Cancer treatment, we headed to Europe to celebrate my best friend’s wedding and Hector’s birthday. My birthday gift to Hector was a tour around Capri, but Hector arranged a Blue Grotto tour and to my surprise, He proposed inside the Grotto. It was the most beautiful day, but was is most beautiful is that we will get to be each other’s forever and keep creating wonderful memories together.

How They Asked

After the wedding in Rome, on Sunday, June 30th we headed to southern Italy and it was just perfect. Early Monday morning, we sailed around Capri and even kissed under the kissing arch. I told Hector we kissed under the arch, so we are going to be together forever and he said: “I already knew that.” Little did I know that he was thinking of proposing that same day, inside the Blue Grotto. Sometimes it is not possible to go inside the Blue Grotto because of unfavorable weather conditions, but on that day the weather was perfect. Therefore, there were a lot of boats waiting to go inside. After waiting for over an hour, it was our turn to go inside the Blue Grotto.

As we went in, I was just mesmerized by its beauty. Once inside, Hector said look at that beauty and look at this beauty (he was referring to the ring), given that it was pitch black I didn’t see it. I thought he was referring to the water, which was absolutely beautiful. But then, he continued to say I love you baby, and I want to spend forever with you to which I replied me too, baby. He then said I have a question for you, ‘are you going to marry me’? I was like ‘what’? “Are you going to marry me?” And that point I saw the ring and started to say OMG and cry. Then, he asked again, he was so nervous that he kept asking ‘are you going to marry me?’ rather than ‘will you marry me?’ But, I finally got myself together and said yes, then our sailor noticed we got engaged and he started singing and others in the cave joined in the singing and it was just the most magical moment.

And so on July 1st, 2019, Hector re-created the magic in the sky, but this time in the ocean by proposing in the dark and glowing Blue Grotto in Capri. With a simple question, we began our journey to happily ever after. We couldn’t be happier.

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HP Travel
 | We were on the Capri tour with them.