Octaviano Estrada and Aida Barragan

How We Met

I met Aida 11 years ago on the night of April 21, 2007 at Wild West, a country club in Waco, Texas. It was probably a little after 12:00 am so it could have well been April 22, 2007. But let’s backtrack just a bit to around January 2007 where I saw her for the first time ever. I remember this night very vividly. I was at our mens Dillards in Waco, Texas in the Daniel Cremieux section just casually looking at clothes. I was halfway inside the section and halfway out in the walk way as I looked up and saw someone walking towards me. She was wearing black heels, gray slacks, a black shirt, long black sweater over a black shirt and her long black hair straight down. I saw that most beautiful person I had ever come across in my life. She didn’t notice me as she walked past me but I noticed her. I watched as she walked over to her a few of her co-workers and I thought to myself “Dang! Ill probably never see her again.”

And I didn’t, not until that night in April anyways. So fast forward to April when I would see her again. Wearing a tight black dress with open toe heels and black hair straightened past her shoulders. She looked even more beautiful than before. I was very intimidated by her beauty. Lucky for me she was with her cousin which was someone I grew up with so that helped me out because it gave me the bit of confidence needed to approach her. I never really approached that night to be honest. I sort of just waited until we made eye contact and kind of called her over to me, which never worked by the way. She must of thought I was some random crazy guy. Well, she did think that. She asked her cousin who the crazy guy was calling her over. Her cousin asked who and she pointed to me.

As she pointed to me and I sat there on a barstool waving as cool as I could when a plastic palm tree fell on me, some drunk guy bumped into it and knocked it over. Thank God for that palm tree because that probably broke the ice because when I looked over she stood there smiling and laughing at me. I bought her a cup of soda later that night, being the gentleman that I was, I offered to buy her another as well. She declined. Needless to say I fell in love that night. More in love than I had the first time I saw her. Our first date following the palm tree incident was church. Which was the next day morning and then McAlister’s. With her little sister by the way. She was either nervous or scared but I like to think she was just anxious. A few more dates followed that which lead to us dating for a few months. We’d go our separate ways after that and as the years followed we’d run into each other, communicate for a while and then move forward without one another. I guess the timing was never right for us. That lasted until 2013.

how they asked

My mom passed in 2013 and I had just moved back to Waco because of it. She would be the central force that would help me deal with all of this as well as opening my eyes to where I should be. I would see her at the funeral home of my moms rosary. I watched her approach my mother and then approach me. The same feeling from the night we met sort of took over. I was nervous. I was shy but I felt safe. At that moment I was the happiest I had ever been in the last few months. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and she walked away I couldn’t help but to see where she had gone. With everything going I couldn’t go find her to talk to her again. Later that evening we were texting and I ended up going to visit her at the hospital where she was watching her nephew who had been ill. We talked all night until about 4:00 am. It was like old time where wed talk until 5:00 am or go on dates with her younger siblings. From that day forth we never stopped being in each other life. In July of 2013 I finally asked her to be my girlfriend and we officially became a couple. 5 years later we would be engaged and planning our wedding.

My proposal was something that was thrown together with the help of her cousins. I thank GOD for them. They were very supportive and very much involved in getting everyone together. Even her family from Austin and Dallas were able to make as well as her closet friends. A month before I proposed we had gone to Austin to do some Christmas shopping. We separated as she went to look at stuff and I did too. I had every intention of going ring shopping that day and so I did. I had gathered some pictures of the off her pinterest account so I had somewhat an idea of what I wanted. So I ordered the ring thinking it would get there within two weeks. That didn’t happen. She had planned to go out of town December 22nd 2017, being that I proposed on December 21st. so I get a call on Wednesday December 20th that my ring was ready. Thankfully I had informed her cousin a few weeks before and asked if she could let her sisters know what my intentions were.

So Wednesday after I get the call I call her cousin to let her know that I’d be going Thursday to pick up the ring a because it was in. One day to plan a proposal!! We planned it around her sisters birthday dinner which on Thursday also. The perfect cover up. Her sister gave us her blessing to plan it around her birthday dinner which I’m thankful for also. So left the dinner early and made an excuse that I was tired because I had worked out of town that day. I told her I was working out of town so I could have time to drive back and forth from Austin In order to pick up the ring. She was a bit upset but she said ok.

They go downtown to take family pictures around the giant Christmas tree that was there. I was hiding behind the tree the whole time as me and my family had gotten there a little before her and her family. So as they’re taking picture they as her to stand by herself and I come around from in back of the tree and grab her hand ever so nervously. I think I took her breath away at that moment. I tell her I’m sorry for taking so long to ask her. I tell her that I’ve loved her from the moment I saw her. I tell her how happy and complete she makes. And I get on one knee and I ask her if she’ll marry me. She said YES! She was so nervous she handed me the wrong hand and I was so nervous I didn’t know which hand it was. Her family clapped and cheered in happiness and as we hugged, enjoying the moment that had took 10 years to reach.

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Octaviano Estrada and Aida Barragan's Engagement in Down Town Waco, Texas

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